ALBUM REVIEW: Vreid – Wild North West

Black metal connoisseurs rejoice!

The latest Vreid record is an homage to the classic black metal sound the members helped create way back in the days of Windir while simultaneously experimenting with bold new soundscapes and storytelling. Wild North West (Season of Mist) is a pounding cataclysm of power and fury, yet it does so with a style and panache in a way that only these Norwegian black metal stalwarts could deliver. They offer a fresh take on the traditional black metal tropes while cutting the growls and blast beats with a melody that keeps your head banging and your mind racing, like on the hypnotic “Dazed and Reduced” and the ominous tone-setting title track.

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Vreid to Premiere their “Wild North West” Movie Today

Norwegian Black N Roll masters Vreid will unleash their “Wild North West” movie, the cinematic and epic movie companion to their new album Wild North West, out Friday, April; 30th via Season of Mist. The movie will have its global debut Thursday 29.04.2021 9 PM CET/3 PM EST/ 12 NOON PST. You can watch it on Facebook Live and Youtube Live.

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