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Do you have a legit news item, high-quality fan-filmed video, or something else news related to share with us? Submit news to us at this link.

Bands: want to send music to Ghost Cult’s editorial staff? OK cool. Please send us music and a little bit about yourself to this link. Warning: Don’t spam us or send stuff you already sent us already, asking if we saw it, and when we are going to get back to you. We saw it, thanks! Also don’t email us twice, by sending your info to another email on this page. Don’t piss us off or we will do bath salts and eat your face off! It also helps if you follow us on social media at the links above so we know you care.

Are you an experienced reviewer, actual journalist, concert photographer of merit and talent with pro gear and not just an iPhone with a lens on it? Come work with us! Send us a message telling us a little bit about yourself, links to your material, and why you want to work with us. The spam/bath salts thing above is still in effect for this too.