A new doom metal “supergroup” releasing a COVID-19 lockdown album in late 2022. That sentence, which describes MMXXSacred Cargo (Candlelight) in plain terms, will no doubt inspire a variety of different thoughts and feelings in people with an interest in such things. Some might dismiss the concept (album) out of hand. After all, the band’s name translates as “2020” and, well, not only is it not 2020 anymore, but the mere mention of that year is liable to inspire at least a wearied eye-roll if not a flashback to genuine out-and-out despair.

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Swallow The Sun Announce New Album and Single Release

Finnish Death and Doom metal veterans Swallow The Sun have announced two new releases. They will release their new album When A Shadow Is Forced Into The Light on January 25th, 2019 via Century Media Records. Prior to that they will release a new single, a standalone 14-minute long epic single track called ‘Lumina Aurea’ December 21st, they will release, both digitally and as 12” EP vinyl version.Continue reading