Devin Townsend To Play Strapping Young Lad Music On his 2020 World Tour

In a report published by Blabbermouth, Devin Townsend says he will return to performing Strapping Young Lad material live, alongside his other career-spanning songs in support of Empath (InsideOut Music). Read excerpts from the Everblack podcast, where Devin is promoting his upcoming solo “An Evening with…” acoustic tour of Australia. Continue reading

Devin Townsend – Empath

Many words have been used to describe Devin Townsend over the years. Oddball. Eccentric. Quirky. Canadian. To name but a few. Since exploding into the confused consciousness of metal fans around the world on Steve Vai‘s ‘Down Deep Into the Pain’ video in 1993, Townsend has gone on to create a musical legacy so uniquely unconventional that his career almost defies description. Continue reading

Imonolith Shares Debut Single And Video – “Hollow”

Imonolith, the supergroup comprised of former and current members of Devin Townsend Project, Threat Signal, Strapping Young Lad, Fear Factory and Methods of Mayhem has released their debut single and video! Featuring Brian ‘Beav Waddell, Byron Stroud, Jed Simon, Jon Howard, and Ryan van Poederooyen, this band is one of the most exciting prospects in music in 2019. Watch, stream and purchase ‘Hollow’ right now! Continue reading

Ex-Devin Townsend Band Members Form Supergroup Imonolith

Former members of The Devin Townsend Project and Stapping Young Lad have teamed up with Jon Howard of Threat Signal to form a supergroup, Imonolith. Howard explains the choice of band name in a post on Facebook. Continue reading

Machine Head – Catharsis

If it feels like another lifetime since Robb Flynn invited us all to let freedom ring with a shotgun blast that’s because, well, it is. In the intervening years, Flynn and his Machine Head bandmates have bestrode the metal community with style, invention, and attitude. Their legacy is, surely, settled and unarguable. Continue reading

Byzantine – The Cicada Tree

The last seventeen years have been a rocky old road for West Virginians, Byzantine. Formed in Charleston in 2000, the band have undergone numerous changes in personnel, and split up on more than one occasion. Records have had to be released independently, and although the recording sessions for latest album The Cicada Tree (Metal Blade) ran smoothly enough, the process was hindered slightly by the full time work commitments of the members. Not to be disheartened, the band took the unusual step of recording the guitar solos and vocal sessions via a live stream on the internet. For a couple of hours a night, fans were able to interact with the band, even proposing different ways to play certain parts. Continue reading

Wednesday 13 – Condolences

Of course you knew him from Murderdolls, in which he was “one of the other guys” in that aforenamed band created by Joey Jordison, the former drummer of a little nonet known as Slipknot. Perhaps you’re older school and remember him in Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13, or even older school than that as some dude named Joseph Poole. But forget everything you knew about Wednesday 13, because, for the intents and purposes of these Condolences (Nuclear Blast), the Wednesday 13 you thought you knew is dead. Continue reading