ALBUM REVIEW: (HED) P.E. – Class of 2020

(HED) P.E. releases a solidly decent album with Class of 2020 (Suburban Noize Records). The band, hailing from Southern California, truly embodies the eclectic skater vibe of the area. The album is a mix of rock, funk, and rap. Jared Gomes, Jeremiah Stratton, Kurt Blankenship, DJ Blackard, and Chad Benekos are a tight outfit, and Class of 2020 has no wasted riffage.

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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO PREMIERE: NOWIS – “Parallel World”, Quarantine Album Streaming In Full

Ghost Cult is proud to team up with NOWIS, the new Indie Rock project from Simon Rojas Hoces, (Singer of The ReAktion), and his new album Quarantine. Far from the music you may have connected him to in his past, NOWIS is a juxtaposition of disparate sounds and powerful emotions. Masterful musicianship and sun-drenched psychedelic rock anthems ring out with gorgeous melodies, jangley riffs, fiery guitar solos, and Beatles-esque vocals. At the same time, don’t mistake the major key mellowness for complacency. The album is a call to arms for the socially conscious, to not allow the current “World Martial Law” to infect our souls and dim our spirits. Ghost Cult is not only presenting their new video for ‘Parallel World’, but the full album stream of Quarantine right now! Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Prophets of Rage – Prophets Of Rage

Once in a while, the art that society needs to help it pull through collective dark times comes along right at the precise time. In another life, that album would have been a new album from a reunited Rage Against The Machine, the legendary rap-rock band. However, what we’ve got instead is the début full-length album from Prophets of Rage, the supergroup with members of Rage, Public Enemy, and Cypress Hill added in for good measure. After an EP and a slew of singles telegraphing the powder keg of potential greatness to come had dropped, the full meal real deal thing is here. Forget about the quarter of the album already released, and the hype train pulling into the station. Prophets of Rage, may not save the world, but they coming out swinging, making damn sure they will try.Continue reading

Audio: Van Halst Stream– Questions, Debut Album Next Month

Photo Credit: Renee Robyn

Van Halst, Photo Credit: Renee Robyn


Edmonton, Alberta’s socially conscious metal band Van Halst releases debut album entitled World of Make Believe on March 4. Their third single from the album is ‘Questions’ which you can stream at this link or below:



Lead singer Kami Van Halst talks about ‘Questions’:

“I wrote Questions with my sister Brittney Grabill. This song deals with victim blaming and how the victims of sexual assault are often criticized and blamed for putting themselves in the vulnerable position, which allowed them to be abused or exploited. This is wrong, we should not be blaming or scrutinizing the victims of abuse. We need to remove the stigma and put the blame where it rightly belongs- on the abuser.”


Van Halst - World Of Make Believe album cover 2016 ghostculltmag

World of Make Believe track listing:
01. The End (4:31)
02. Save Me (4:12)
03. Ryan’s Song (4:11)
04. World of Make Believe (3:46)
05. Questions (3:23)
06. Denying Eyes (4:08)
07. Monster (3:29)
08. Plastic Smile (5:11)
09. Put Him Down (4:33)
10. Perfect Storm (4:44)

Album Length: 42:14