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Skillet – Victorious

Music, to some people, is like oxygen, they feel they would never be able to survive without the music of their favorite bands. Music can also be a time machine, whisking the listener back to the exact moment, and the exact feelings as the very second they first heard that certain song. Music bridges all perceived obstacles, healing the wounded and speaking to all humankind, no matter what a person’s native language is. Then there are people who turn to the music of their favorite band for inspiration, guidance, strength and sometimes the fortitude to keep going forward in life. Skillet’s newest studio album, Victorious (Atlantic Records) is proof positive why the music of this band is a lighthouse beacon helping souls that have lost hope navigate the tumultuous, unforgiving sea known as life. The very metamorphosis of Skillet as a band serves as a true testament that the band is unwavering in their promise to practice what they preach. Continue reading