Video: Five Finger Death Punch – My Nemesis

Five Finger Death Punch on ShipRocked, by Rick Triana

Five Finger Death Punch on ShipRocked, by Rick Triana

Five Finger Death Punch has released a new video for their track ‘My Nemesis’, from their 2015 album Got Your Six (Prospect Park). You can watch the video at this link or below:

‘My Nemesis’ was directed renowned director Nick Peterson, who previously directed the videos for ‘Coming Down’ (2012) and ‘Wrong Side Of Heaven’ (2014).

Continuing in the similar vein from their video for ‘Wrong Side of Heaven’, FFDP guitarist Zoltan Bathory comments:

In life everyone has a nemesis… it can be anything… a self-defeating thinking pattern, a bad habit, an addiction, an adversary… something or someone that puts you in an impossible scenario, where you are presented with a fork in the road. Sometimes there is no other choice but making a hard choice. You can give up and just suffer the situation, or you can use your pain to overcome it, as pain is truly the wind in the sails of change. We wanted to present a story about moving on, a story that probes and questions compassion and loyalty. Those are beautiful notions, but remember you have to be loyal and fair to yourself as well, so will you sacrifice yourself for another or will you live with the guilt that you didn’t.”

In support of the video and the song’s message of overcoming our struggles, 5FDP is encouraging fans to share their own “Nemesis” on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram by completing the phrase – “#MyNemesis is ________ and I will #OVERCOME”. FFDP wants fans to share their stories and read and react to the stories of fellow fans over at to breed positivity.

Five finger Death Punch Got Your Six

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Going D.I.Y. – Jesse Hasek of 10 Years

 10 Years at ShipRocked, by Rick Triana

10 Years at ShipRocked, by Rick Triana


Jesse Hasek of 10 Years chats with Rick Triana of Ghost Cult Magazine onShipRocked 2016. They discussed being ShipRocked veterans, 10 Years live performances, other bands on the cruise, Helmet, their upcoming US Tour with P.O.D., influences, and much more.




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