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Ramming Speed’s No Epitaphs (Prosthetic Records) an album from a band so unapologetically thrashy that their records would be better sleeved in a leather jacket that reeked of weed. It’s the kind of music that takes you back in time, 1986, to be exact. Grindcore, black, and death metal were still in the prototype stage so thrash was the king of the extreme metal hill. The beer soaked apex capped by stellar offerings like Peace Sells… but Who’s Buying? and Reign in Blood.

But that was almost 30 years ago. New subgenres emphasized further break-neck speed and lower guitar tunings. In 2015 thrash metal may no longer reign supreme, but it’s still got fire in the belly as proven by both the veteran (Machine Head) and young (Sylosis, Skeletonwitch, et al) alike.

Ramming Speed are on a mission to prove that they belong in that new echelon of thrash elite. The challenge for any young band in this particular style is how to make music that can both channel their forefathers and still sound vital and poignant. Otherwise you’re just a bunch of blokes in vests trying to relive the eighties.

Right from the onset Ramming Speed live up to their name and more often than not hit the bullseye. ‘No Foregiveness in Death’ is a storm of Jonah Livingston kick drums and fierce shred from guitar the guitar tandem of Kallen Bliss and Blake Chuffskin. ‘Beasts of Labor’ sounds like the mean offspring of Metallica and Revocation that’s been raised on Mountain Dew and neglect.

But Ramming Speed also have some death metal in their genetic makeup as ‘The Life we Choose’ features some kinetic blastbeat bursts. And then you have ‘Truth to Power’ which has straight up needle in the red moments that would make Napalm Death proud.

While it has the occasional lapses (‘Super Duty’ is very much paint by numbers) No Epitaphs is an admirable and no frills metal record. However the disclaimer here is that if you’re the type that’s turned off by thrash metal’s lack of progressive tendencies or hates Dimebag Darrell you’re gonna have a bad time here. But if you’re the guy who shouts “Slayer!” during any metal show or public gathering then strap in and take the ride.



Exclusive Album Stream: Ramming Speed- No Epitaphs



Ghost Cult is proud to partner with Prosthetic Records to deliver the full album stream of the new Ramming Speed album, No Epitaphs, due out on September 4th. You can hear the album below:

Gearing up for their pivotal third album, Ramming Speed stepped up their game considerably following their move from their hometown of Boston to Richmond, Virginia. The simple southern life certainly hasn’t tempered the bands hunger to write crushing, intelligent songs that owe equal parts to classic thrash, heavy metal and more current brutal flavors such as grindcore and d-beat. Working with longtime producer and Converge guitarist, Kurt Ballou at his GodCity Studios, No Epitaphs is a killer metal album that likes to party, but also sounds like Howard Zinn, Gore Vidal and John Stewart combined.

No Epitaphs track listing
1. No Forgiveness in Death

2. Choke Holds and Bullet Holes

3. Beasts of Labor

4. Don’t Let This Stay Here

5. This Is The Life We Chose

6. Walls

7. Break In The Chain

8. Truth To Power

9. Super Duty

10. Horns of War

11. Momentary Masters

Pre-order links are:
iTunes preorder link – http://hyperurl.co/2957j7
Amazon preorder link – http://hyperurl.co/qk28xo

Peter Gallagher – Vocals
Kallen Bliss
– Guitars
Snake Chuffskin
– Guitars
Ben Powell
– Bass
Jonah Livingston
– Drums

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Death DTA, Sepultura, Kataklysm, Krisiun Set For Motocultor Festival

motocultor festival open air

The MOTOCULTOR FESTIVAL will be held August 14, 15 and 16, 2015 at Saint-Nolff in Bretagne, France, and have confirmed their lineup:

Death DTA
Six Feet Under
Rise of the Northstar
Mars Red Sky
Burning Heads
Ancient Rites
Ramming Speed

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Thrashers Ramming Speed Kick Off-Mini Tour, New Album Coming in 2015



Ramming Speed hit the road starting tonight with fellow neo-thrashers Municipal Waste, New York Hardcore legends Madball and Suburban Scum. This week long mini-tour covers the North Eastern USA, and will give the band a break, as they have been locked away penning their next full length due in early 2015. This new album comes on the heels of relentless touring and promotion following the excellent and anthemic Doomed to Destroy, Destined to Die released from Prosthetic last year. The band is also planning to shoot their first ever video, in their old stomping grounds of Allston (Rock City) Massachusetts at The Monster Shop. For details how to be in the video, filming on August 12th, email the band RammingSpeedVideo@gmail.com for details!


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From Prosthetic Records

Since the release of “Doomed to Destroy, Destined To Die,” which was hailed as “a mixture of the party mentality of Andrew W.K. and the sickness of Slayer” (Ghost Cult Magazine), RAMMING SPEED have maintained a consistent tour schedule throughout the U.S. and Canada with the likes of Valient Thorr and Toxic Holocaust, as well as appearing at Metal Injection’s CMJ showcase (Black Anvil, Vattnet Viskar) and Fest 13. As of late, the band have spent most of their time writing for their sophomore label effort, which will be recorded this winter. Full details will be revealed in the coming weeks.

Drummer Jonah Livingston shared insight on what to expect from upcoming release: “The new songs sound like Thin Lizzy’s guitar section doing blow with Martyrdod at a house party while Jeff Hanneman’s ghost smashes concrete blocks in the backyard. There’s tons of guitar harmonies, D-beat and more brutal thrash and grind, but we’ve been working hard on the songwriting end of things — keeping the riffs punishing while paying attention to the memorability and catchiness.”


Ramming Speed Tour Dates

8/5 Philadelphia, PA – Kungfu Necktie

8/6 Montclair, NJ – DLV Lounge

8/7 Albany, NY – Bogies #

8/8 Hamilton, ON – Club Absinthe #

8/10 Holyoke, MA – The Waterfront Tavern#

8/12 Allston, MA – Monster Shop (MUSIC VIDEO SHOOT)

8/13 Brooklyn, NY – The Acheron

# with Municipal Waste, Madball, Suburban Scum

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Full Speed Ahead – An Interview With Ramming Speed

Ramming Speed 1 Ramming Speed has paid their dues in the very competitive Boston metal scene, going back to their humble beginnings as Despotic Robot. Perhaps cutting their teeth in shows in basements, VFW halls, and crack house hovels helps a band prepare for touring the world. Ghost Cult chatted with drummer Jonah Livingston, and he is one of the most real and down to earth guys you will ever meet. Ramming Speed’s new album is out on Prosthetic Records, and if you don’t already own Doomed To Destroy, Destined To Die; something is seriously wrong with you and your taste in metal is questionable.Continue reading

Ramming Speed – Doomed To Destroy/Destined To Die

DTDDTD_Cover_WebRGB Ramming Speed are a relatively new-jack “neo”-thrash outfit from Massachusetts, but unlike their peers in Havok, Fueled By Fire, and Bonded By Blood, they prove that they’re doing more than reliving the (G)olden days of Exodus and pre-Black Album Metallica; they’ve got the nuance and the unadulterated energy to pull off more than the occasional stint in a dive bar or DIY venue in the middle of nowhere, Kansas. Area code need not be included because the pigs would eagerly eat it up.Continue reading