ALBUM REVIEW: Cynic – Ascension Codes

It’s been a rough road for Cynic frontman Paul Masvidal over the last year or so. With the sad and untimely deaths of bass player Sean Malone and former drummer Sean Reinert, it would have been reasonable to assume that any new music produced under the Cynic name would cast a bleak shadow indeed.

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Cynic to Release a New Album and Virtual Memorial to Late Members in 2021

Cynic frontman/guitarist Paul Masvidal has shared a new post to social media reflecting on the difficult year which saw the passing of his comrades and musical partners Sean Reinert and Sean Malone. Cynic will release a new album in 2021 and also pay tribute to Reinert and Malone with a virtual event. Cynic’s last new music was the 2018 single “Humanoid.”

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Sean Malone, Legendary Bassist of Cynic and Gordian Knot, Has Died, Age 50

Terrible news in the world of music as bassist Sean Malone, best known to metal fans for his time in Cynic, and other contributions to progressive music and Jazz, has died. He was just 50 years old. No cause of death has been revealed at this time. The news was shared by Cynic leader Paul Masvidal on Facebook in a message: “I learned today that Sean Malone has died. I am numb and grief-stricken. He had a brilliant mind, a gracious heart, and was one of the greatest musicians I’ve ever encountered. I know that this is a shocking loss for so many fans whose lives he touched with his artistry, as it is for me,” Paul added. “Please keep him in your thoughts and listen to his playing to celebrate his life.” In addition to playing on the critical Cynic albums Focus and their comeback Traced in Air, Sean was in several Cynic side projects, his own prog band Gordian Knot and wrote a series of incredible books on bass guitar for publisher Hal Leonard. Several artists also took to social media to share memories of Sean and grieve the loss. Malone’s death follows the passing of bandmate Sean Reinert, who died in 2020 at 48 years old. We send our sympathies out to his family, friends, and fans. Continue reading

Cynic’s Paul Masvidal Returns with New Song, Solo Album Trilogy

Cynic’s Paul Masvidal has long been at work on a new Cynic album as well as a new trilogy of just announced solo albums. Dubbed the Mythical Human Vessel trilogy of records, they are the first independent solo releases on his new label, Masvidalien Records, the first of the collection, Mythical, will release May 31st. Hear the first new single now, ‘The Spaces’. Continue reading

Cynic Streaming New Song – “Humanoid”

After settling the lawsuit with Sean Reinert last month, Paul Masvidal promised fans that new material from Cynic would be coming soon, and he wasn’t lying. Today he’s shared the first new music from the progressive pioneers since 2014’s Kindly Bent To Free Us, and it does not disappoint.Continue reading

Cynic Settles Their Lawsuit, Band To Continue

Cynic have been at an impasse with their career since the band split into separate factions in 2015 with both co-founders Paul Masvidal and drummer Sean Reinert claiming rights in the split. The band have now announced a settlement where Reinert has left the band officially, and Masvidal will continue Continue reading

Cynic – Uroboric Forms, The Complete Demo Collection


In 2017 the landscape of metal is still reveling and rich in the almost unlevelled influence of Cynic. From their début album Focus (Roadrunner), which paved a road for progressive death metal with its complexity and its jazz influences, they returned from hiatus in 2008 to a scene virtually of their own creation and have continued to prove themselves as true kings of the progressive metal and tech metal genres that came in their wake. With Sean Reinert and Paul Masvidal the continuous pairing behind Cynic, their legacy to this day sees them as one of the most revered bands of the genre.Continue reading

Conflicting Reports Cloud The Future of Cynic

Cynic_KBtFU_2014 album cover

It is a tale of two stories; differing factions of the prog metal band Cynic have alternately called either a potential end to the band, or perhaps not after all. Drummer Sean Reinert began with a post earlier today to the Cynic Facebook account declaring an end to the band:


It is with a heavy heart that I post today’s CYNIC news. CYNIC is no longer an active band. Due to artistic and personal differences, the second chapter in the ‘BOOK OF CYNIC’ has come to an end.

I will say the last shows we played in JAPAN have left me with a positive charge, even though they were the last live performances with Paul, Sean Malone & I on the same stage. My longstanding creative partnership with Paul, which started when we were very young kids in south Florida, has simply endured so much friction that there is no way, from my perspective, that CYNIC can be salvaged, repaired or kept afloat by any means.

I profusely apologize to the fans who were not only expecting us in China & Taiwan (that was not our fault), but to the fans who were planning to see us in Europe next month. These things happen, unfortunately, to bands. There can be differing levels of conflicts and/or differences in opinions, musical directions, or perspectives. Sometimes these things are insurmountable, and no amount of time or effort can resolve them. This is the case with CYNIC.

This page will stay up, and of course there are our respective personal pages and websites that will continue to let everyone know what we’re doing individually.

I wish all of you love & peace.


cynic over sean posts

It is with a heavy heart that I post today’s CYNIC news. CYNIC is no longer an active band. Due to artistic and personal…

Posted by Cynic on Thursday, September 10, 2015


Paul Masvidal retorted later on with a post on his own page that Reinert has left the band in the lurch on the eve of a tour, and that the band is not done.

Dear fans and friends, this is all news to me. I just landed from Japan and my inbox was exploding. Sean didn’t confer with myself or Malone about Cynic’s official breakup or the tour being cancelled. I’m honestly somewhat relieved it’s finally over since it’s been quite challenging over the years but I’m also trying to figure out how to possibly salvage this tour (with a new drummer) since the damage he’s causing by pulling out at this last minute is inconceivable for me at the moment. Please share this message with friends or fans as Sean has taken me off our FB page so I can’t access it at the moment. Love to you all. I apologize for the drama…but sometimes life gets messy.

P.S. Cynic will continue one way or another. “


Dear fans and friends, this is all news to me. I just landed from Japan and my inbox was exploding. Sean didn’t confer…

Posted by Paul Masvidal on Thursday, September 10, 2015


Reinert then replied in another post to Facebook, but then deleted the post:

Sean updates



Cynic is tentatively scheduled for a final European leg of a tour supporting the widely acclaimed 2014 release Kindly Bent To Free Us (Season Of Mist), which was the Ghost Cult Album of The Month in February of 2014, and the front cover of Ghost Cult Magazine #16.

GC 16 front cover