Audio: Megadeth Streaming Title Track From Dystopia Album


Megadeth is streaming the title track from their up coming album Dystopia, which releases on January 22nd from Universal/Tradecraft. You can hear the track at this link or below:

Produced by frontman Dave Mustaine, Dystopia was recording in 2015 Nashville, Tennessee and mixed by Josh Wilbur (Lamb Of God, All That Remains, Gojira).

Regarding the concept of Dystopia, Mustaine commented:

“I’ve had this outlook for a long time that the world is a really good place with some bad people in it. Others might think the opposite. But I think if you were to take a consensus of people, they know the difference between right and wrong.”

“People have manners and morals — but lately there’s been a decline in how people treat one another. That’s where ‘Dystopia’ comes in. If people don’t start loving each other and helping those in need, then when that becomes more important than power, fame or money, then I think we’re going to be okay.”



Dystopia marks the debut of Megadeth’s new lineup, featuring Mustaine (guitar, vocals) and David Ellefson (bass), with drummer Chris Adler (Lamb Of God) and Brazilian guitarist Kiko Loureiro (Angra).

Dystopia track listing:

01. The Threat Is Real
02. Dystopia
03. Fatal Illusion
04. Death From Within
05. Bullet To The Brain
06. Post American World
07. Poisonous Shadows
08. Look Who’s Talking (iTunes bonus track)
09. Conquer Or Die
10. Lying In State
11. The Emperor
12. Last Dying Wish (iTunes bonus track)
13. Foreign Policy (FEAR cover)

Bonus Track: Melt The Ice Away (Budgie cover).


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