Spider-Man “Far From Home” Movie Trailer Features Classic Ramones Track

The new trailer for Spider Man: Far From Home just dropped and once again Queens, New York legends The Ramones are being repped by the movie. Spider-Man’s character is actually from Forrest Hills, the same neighborhood as The Ramones, and the iconic Punks are synonymous with New York attitude and style. ‘I Wanna Be Sedated’ can be heard at the top of the trailer, much like ‘Blitzkrieg Bop’ was used in the trailers and the movie Spider-Man: Homecoming. The trailer always has an orchestral version of the popular original Spider-Man Cartoon theme song from the 1960s. Spider-Man Far From Home releases on July 5th 2019 from Sony Pictures. Continue reading

New Trailer For “Once A Upon A Deadpool” Praises Nickelback After Diss

After the first trailer for the PG recut of the holiday-themed version of Deadpool 2 saw Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) and Fred Savage (The Princess Bride, The Wonder Years) slam Nickelback by comparing the Fox made Marvel superhero movies to the Beatles, if they were produced by the successful Canadian rock band. Now the tides have turned. In the new trailer ahead of tomorrow’s release of Once Upon A Deadpool, after the slam that Savage served in the first trailer is uttered, he piles on by calling them “overproduced, formulaic ear garbage.” Deadpool defends the band. Proving to be a Nickelback stan, Deadpool defends them discussing all of their record sales and accolades as facts to why they are beyond reproach. Reynolds slyly makes a few references to their Canadian roots he and the band both share. Then after he and Fred reconcile, and they both sing the smash hit “How You Remind Me”, headbanging gleefully. Check out the new trailer below and the rash of accomplishments Mr. Pool shares about the best-selling band ever from Roadrunner Records.Continue reading

The Music World Reacts To The Death Of Stan Lee

Comics legend Stan Lee passed away today at age 95. Arguably the greatest storyteller fo the 20th century and well, Lee’s impact on the world through Marvel Comics and Marvel Studios superhero movies will live on forever. Since comics have had an indelible effect on music, naturally a lot the music world has reacted to the sad news. Continue reading

Ace Frehley Gets A Shoutout In A Deleted Scene From Avengers Infinity War

Ace Frehley got some props recently in a deleted scene from Avengers: Infinity War, on the eve of the DVD/Blu-ray release coming this week. Frehley’s classic solo track ‘New York Groove’ was featured briefly in this summer’s Infinity War film. Now watch the characters wax about the Spaceman, formerly of Kiss, in this scene.Continue reading

Morrissey Features In Ant-Man And The Wasp Movie

Marvel Studios just released their new film in The Marvel Cinematic Universe, Ant-Man and The Wasp. Spoiler alert: it rules! The film has many musical nods including several appearances of Morrisey songs like ‘Everyday is Like Sunday’ (lead character Scott Lang’s ringtone) and a flashback story that Luis tells that involves a jukebox that only plays Morrissey songs in a Spanish restaurant. ‘The First of the Gang to Die’ is also heard in the movie. The Cure’s ‘Disintegration’ was heard in the first Ant-Man flick and Adam And The Ants factored in an early trailer as well, expanding on similar artists of that era. Continue reading

Adam And The Ants Classic Track Used In The Trailer For Ant-Man And The Wasp

Cool musical Easter eggs continue to dot the map for big movies, television shows, and trailers in the superhero universe. In the incredible new trailer for this July’s Ant-Man And The Wasp movie from Marvel Studios, there is a clever use of the Adam And The Ants classic track ‘Ant Invasion’. The song comes from the iconic post-punk/new wave 1980 album Kings Of The Wild Frontier (CBS/Epic). You can hear the song and watch the trailer below. Continue reading