Nirvana’s Iconic First Hit “Smells Like Teen Spirit” Hits 1 Billion Streams on Spotify


Nirvana’s career-breaking hit song “Smells Like Teen Spirit’ has surpassed one billion streams on Spotify, making it the band’s first song to reach that mark. There are many pop and rap songs with over a billion streams, but relatively few rock songs. “Smells Like Teen Spirit” was the lead track of Nevermind (Geffen/UMe), their second album, 30 years ago and went on to sell more than 30 million copies worldwide. The single made its radio debut on August 27, 1991 and the video also has over 1 billion plays on YouTube.Continue reading

Thou Releases New Nirvana Covers Album As a Digital Release

Thou rules, and if you are not aware, they do lots of covers. Mainly they do inventive takes on classic songs. Over the years, Thou has released a whole lot of covers and especially Nirvana covers. Sometimes, those covers have been relatively easy to find, as with the version of “Floyd The Barber” on the 2016 Bleach tribute album Doused In Mud, Soaked In Bleach. Some of those covers have been pretty hard to track down. Today, though, Thou has put them all together. Now they have released Blessings Of The Highest Order, a new digital collection of all the Nirvana covers that they’ve released over the years. The album showed up mysteriously on Spotify last week, with no advance warning and no social-media alert from the band. Now it’s on Bandcamp and out via Robotic Empire. Check it out! Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Diarchy – Splitfire

There’s a South Asian Metal renaissance afoot at present, and nowhere is this more evident than in the Stoner and Desert scenes. Splitfire (Unherd Music), the second long-player from Bangalore duo Diarchy, is the first release from new Indian label Unherd Music and gives the promise of an Eastern mysticism to some heavy grooves.Continue reading

The Video for “Smells Like Teen Spirit” by Nirvana Approaches 1 Billion Views on YouTube

Nirvana’s star-making video for ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ which catapulted the band to rock superstardom is approaching one billion video views on YouTube. ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ was the lead track and single from Nirvana’s breakthrough release Nevermind (Geffen/UMe) which hit No. 1 around the world, selling more than 30 million copies worldwide. The single made its radio debut on August 27, 1991.Continue reading

Watch Clips of Nirvana from “Live and Loud” 1993

Nirvana has shared professional quality concert footage of the band from their entire Live and Loud performance in 1993, during the tour for In Utero (Geffen Records). The full album is releasing today. In Utero turned twenty-five years old last year. Continue reading

Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain – 25 Years Later

For those of a certain age, the news that twenty-five years have passed since the death of Kurt Donald Cobain will scarcely be believable. But it is 25 years and yes, you do now feel old. You probably still feel sad and melancholy. Time has a terrible way of playing tricks with your memory but the passing of Nirvana’s frontman still resonates as if it were yesterday. The past remains, undoubtedly, a foreign country but I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing. I was in laundrette in Bristol, England doing a weekend load of washing (this is what students did then). I was listening to the BBC on my five-year-old Sony radio walkman- remember those?- when the terrible, heart-stopping news came through on that grey, terrible slate grey April day.

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Famed Nirvana Concert “Live At The Paramount” Is Coming To Vinyl

According to a published report from The Pulse of Radio and now the bands’ social media accounts, Nirvana will finally release their famous Live At The Paramount on vinyl. The concert was held in Seattle on Halloween 1991, approximately one month after the release of Nevermind (Geffen). Coming on April 12th the double LP will include bonus features such as a 12×24″ poster insert and a replica of an original backstage pass which will be presented as a download card. In 2011, a DVD and Blu-ray of the concert was released to coincide with the 20th anniversary of Nevermind. Continue reading

Book About Kurt Cobain and Nirvana’s Career Coming in April From Their Longtime Manager

It’s hard to believe by Kurt Cobain of Nirvana died twenty-five years ago this spring. The impact Nirvana had is immense to a generation of bands and fans, but since Cobain died so young, a lot of the story of the band has been clouded. Now Danny Goldberg, one of Nirvana’s managers from 1990 to 1994, shares his memories of his brief but momentous time with Kurt and the band in Serving The Servant: Remembering Kurt Cobain, due on April 2 via HarperCollins’s Ecco Press label. The book will focus on Goldberg’s own memories of Kurt, files that previously have not been made public, and interviews with, among others, Kurt’s close family (including Courtney Love), friends, and former bandmates (including Krist Novoselic), Serving The Servant hopes to shed a new light on the years of the band. Some close confidantes of Cobain and contributors to the book like Thurston Moore, Joan Jett, and Cameron Crowe commented.Continue reading

Nirvana Sues Fashion Designer Marc Jacobs Over Logo Infringement

According to a report from TMZ, Nirvana filed a lawsuit against Marc Jacobs over a design featured in the brand’s “Redux Grunge” collection. The collection celebrates the cultural significance of the clothing that went on to become cultural icons. Included in the collection are socks, shirts, and sweaters. The lawsuit centers on a design featuring a rip-off of the exact Nirvana smiley face logo, trademarked officially after the band blew up in 1992, following the release of Nevermind (Geffen).

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