Katatonia – Dethroned And Uncrowned

Katatonia Re-recording albums are generally hit and miss and often acoustic reworking of songs can be a little off the mark. What’s quite puzzling about Katatonia’s Dethroned And Uncrowned is that they have entirely re-recorded their latest album, Dead End Kings from 2012, in mostly acoustic form.Continue reading

Battlecross – War Of Will

Battlecross-WarOfWill Let’s give it up for Battlecross. The Michigan band has managed to take a weary template, one that has been overused in recent years, and done something quite interesting with it. Their catchy melody infused hail of battlefield themed metal can sound pastiche from time and time, even cheesy, but Battlecross have cut out a lot of the nonsense with this new album War Of Will (Metal Blade) and simply made a good metal record.Continue reading

The Amenta – Flesh Is Heir

The Amenta It’s coming up on five years since Australian death metallers The Amenta’s last album. Flesh Is Heir is the follow-up to 2008’s n0n and since then, more than half of the line-up has changed, with a new vocalist, drummer and bassist in tow. A slew of EP’s releases in the interim has been the Australians’ attempt at ensuring everyone that they are strong as ever but Flesh Is Heir is their real test now.Continue reading

Aborym – Dirty

Aborym Dirty is a pretty apt name for this record. Not in a sleazy glam rock sense or in the way of sloppy crust punk, ‘dirty’ remains a pretty open term, but with Aborym’s sixth album, it accurately captures the clustered malaise at play here.Continue reading