MY FAVORITE CONCERT MEMORY: Joel Quartuccio of Being As An Ocean

Being As An Ocean just released their slamming new album Proxy: An A.N.I.M.O. Story! and are currently getting ready for a month of dates for their new European tour kicking off on November 1st. Joel Quartuccio has checked in with not one, but two of his favorite concert memories ever in a guest post for Ghost Cult! Continue reading

Being As An Ocean – Being As An Ocean


After forming in 2012, Being As An Ocean have quickly built up a reputation of playing intense live shows and creating passionate music. Their latest self-titled album (In Vogue Records/Impericon) further demonstrates their capabilities as a powerful melodic hardcore band, and it is easy to see why they have gained so many fans in such a short space of time.

First track ‘Little Richie’ instantly grabs your attention: the melodic opening leads perfectly into heavy riffs and hard-hitting lyrics. Joel Quartuccio’s vocals are as passionate as ever, allowing the listener to fully engage with the music. The synth-like breakdown may seem like a strange addition, but it actually works really well and proves that Being As An Ocean are not afraid to try something new.

One of the most impressive songs on the album is ‘Saint Peter’, which is a four minute emotional and engaging journey. There is something almost cathartic about this song, which may be due to the fusion of spoken word and harmonic vocals. The lyrics are thoughtful and well-written, which is just one of the reasons why Being As An Ocean’s new album is so successful.

If you are a fan of bands such as Rise Against, Hundredth and Stick To Your Guns, then Being As An Ocean’s new album is definitely for you. Even if you are not a huge fan of melodic hardcore this album may surprise you, especially as every song sounds unique and full of passion. It is hard for bands to convey energy through recorded music, however, Being As An Ocean have managed to do it with ease.