Billy Gould Added To Wayne Kramer’s MC50 Concert Tour

Faith No More, by Meg Loyal Photography

Billy Gould, the legendary bassist, and songwriter of Faith No More has been added to Wayne Kramer’s all-star MC50 band, celebrating the 50th-anniversary of the MC5 with tour dates this fall. Perofming the classic album Kick Out The Jams, Gould joins Kramer, Brendan Canty (Fugazi), Marcus Durrant (Zen Guerrilla) and Kim Thayil (Soundgarden). Former Hanoi Rocks singer Michael Monroe as direct on all UK dates.Continue reading

Biters – The Future Ain’t What It Used To Be

Two years on from the impressive bluster of the debuting swagger of Electric Blood, Atlanta’s Biters are back with another notable bag of goodies in the shape of The Future Ain’t What It Used To Be (both Earache), and a mission statement to make Rock n’ Roll relevant again. While album one came from out of nowhere, shining bright with its proto-punk melodies, has the curse of the “difficult second album” struck now that there are ready ears awaiting the follow-up?Continue reading

Backyard Babies – Four By Four


That is not dead which can eternal lie, and with strange aeons even a band may die… but not this band, and not today. For this is the era where bands do not go gentle into that good night (or if they do, they come back pretty quickly the next morning, handsome smiles flashing an unsaid apology as if to say “nothing happened here”). So here Backyard Babies stand before us, six-strings in hand, with a new selection of their trademark Hanoi Rocks meets The Wildhearts meets Alice Cooper glam punk tunes on their new album, Four By Four (Gain Music).

It was eighteen years ago that Backyard Babies burst onto the scene, heading a Scandinavian raucous of bands that included The Hellacopters and Hardcore Superstar with bold, bright punked up rock music that stuck two fingers and a stacked knee high boot into the groin of grunge, bringing sleaze and pizzazz back to a table that was wringing wet with the limp celery, hummus and self-loathing of a 90’s music scene that celebrated introspection and mumbling. 1997’s Total 13 (Scooch Pooch) saw the Babies ‘Bombed’ (out of their minds) with boots stuck with glue (yep…) and set to take over the world.

And yet it didn’t quite happen. Moderate success came their way, though in 2004 it seemed like they’d cracked it with the stomping Stockholm Syndrome (RCA) led by Guitar Hero playable track the mighty ‘Minus Celcius’, a career high grandstand tune if ever there was one. The world may be an oyster, but oysters don’t always contain pearls, and two subsequent uneventful albums passed by until in 2009 the Babies released a compilation album that was said to mark the passing of the band.

The band have been keen to stress Four By Four is not a comeback album, more a picking things up from where they left them, and all the expected sounds and styles are in place. Nicke Borg’s distinctive voice leads the way, with Dregen ripping jacked up glam rock from his guitar, but try as they might it’s all a bit flat, and all a bit pub rock. Some good tunes go by – lead off single ‘Th1rteen or Nothing’ is a stomper – but the core of the album is filled with wistful (wasteful) numbers, as the duller tempo of tunes like ‘Mirrors (Shall Be Broken)’ choke the remnants of life. It’s not bad, but in the end, you’re left with the feeling that whatever it was that used to make these guys spark no longer sizzles but sputters.





Michael Monroe Releasing Blackout States on October 16th via Spinefarm

michael monroe band

Michael Monroe will be releasing a new studio album titled Blackout States on October 16, 2015 via Spinefarm Records. This 13-track outing was produced by Chips Kiesbye (Hellacopters, Nomads) in Gothenburg, Sweden, and mixed by Petri Majuri in Helsinki, Finland.

With Blackout States, Monroe’s current touring and recording outfit, comprised of bassist Sami Yaffa (ex-Hanoi Rocks/New York Dolls), guitarist Steve Conte (ex-New York Dolls/Company of Wolves), guitarist Rich Jones (ex-Black Halos/Amen), and drummer Karl Rockfist (ex-Chelsea Smiles/Danzig), provided strong creative support for a groundbreaking artist whose reputation continues to flourish. Many of rock’s most noted performers, including Dave Grohl and Slash, have cited Monroe’s unwavering drive and three-decade-plus career as a genuine source of inspiration.

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The Compulsions Announce Upcoming Shows

the compulsions

The Compulsions have announced upcoming US performances in support of their new album Dirty Fun, out April 14, 2015 via Compulsions Records. The band features vocalist/rhythm guitarist Rob Carlyle, lead guitarist Richard Fortus (Guns N Roses), drummer Frank “Thunderchucker” Ferrer (Guns N Roses) and bassist Sami Yaffa (Hanoi Rocks, New York Dolls). Listen to the album trailer below.

Apr 13: Nights With Alice Cooper (Interview and Performance) – New York City, NY
Apr 14: The Mercury Lounge (9:45pm set time) – New York City, NY
Apr 16: The Viper Room (10:00pm set time) – Los Angeles, CA

Dirty Fun Tracklisting

01: “Hellbound Babies”
02: “Silly Little Woman”
03: “Evil Bastards”
04: “Lucky”
05: “House Of Rock”
06: “Long Tall Sally”
07: “The Feel”
08: “I Still Got The Hots For You, Baby”
09: “Stay Eazy”
10) “Buzz Awhile”

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