BLOODSTOCK 2018- Part 2: Catton Hall, Derbyshire UK


With everyone firmly into the swing of things by now, Saturday’s main stage openers Nailed to Obscurity opened proceedings strongly enough but were promptly blown out of the water by one of the major surprises of the festival – Power Trip. A combination of thrash and early death metal, the Texan act were a blur of riffs and speed, whipping up the early afternoon crowd into an explosive cyclone of energy. Continue reading

Suffocation Announces Frank Mullen’s Farewell Tour


Death metal legends Suffocation have announced a final headline tour with their outgoing vocalist, Frank Mullen. Mullen announced his departure from the band earlier this spring to pursue other opportunities, such as acting and a solo career. Direct support on the tour will come from Cattle Decapitation, Krisiun, and. Soreption.Continue reading

Frank Mullen Announces His Retirement From Suffocation

Sad news this weekend as Frank Mullen has announced he has officially left Suffocation. Although he had already stepped down from full-time touring and nixed future full albums with the band he helped make death metal legends, he had occasionally toured with them. Mullen called this a more permanent, final move in his career. In a video posted to his fan page on Facebook, Mullen said he is done with activity with the long-running band to pursue acting and other projects in the future. Mullen’s final work with the band can be heard on 2017’s … Of The Dark Light album, which was released on Nuclear Blast. As of late, vocalist Ricky Meyers has been replacing Mullen on live performances. Frank will do one last tour with Suffocation later in 2018 before calling it a day. Continue reading

Suffocation – …Of The Dark Light

Suffocation always has been in an odd spot when it comes to the Death Metal pecking order. They’re not quite in what most observers perceive the Big Four to be (Morbid Angel, Death, Cannibal Corpse, Obituary, maybe?), but have remained one of the most consistent acts operating within extreme music. And with eighth studio album, …Of The Dark Light (Nuclear Blast), the Long Islanders continue delivering foundation-cracking noise.Continue reading

Audio: Car Bomb Releases Sets Single Featuring Frank Mullen Of Suffocation


Car Bomb is well known for pushing the boundaries of rhythm and sound in their music, and they have another mind blowing new record coming our way next month. The Long Island act will be releasing Meta on October 28th, and we have a new song for your head banging pleasure today. Continue reading

Inferno Festival 2016: Part 2: Various Venues – Oslo, NO

inferno fest 2016 banner

Part II


Blood Red Throne have been around for some time now, and with Yngve “Bolt” Christiansen they found a vocalist able to bring something more to their shows, as he is able to communicate with the audience in a way that seems sincere and engaging. With a set list comprised of something like fifty percent classics from Altered Genesis, their most celebrated album, the band lay Rockefeller in ruins. Bolt circlebanging, puking, then continuing to circlebang. Not to mention guitarist Ivan Gujic trashing his guitar at the end of the show, then proceeding to down half a bottle of tequila. It seemed like the pep talk backstage had been had. This said, the band could have added some more visual aspects to their show, but as an opening act one couldn’t really expect much more than a backdrop.

Suffocation are veterans by now, and a band that always delivers. However, it’s somewhat disappointing to catch them with only two members from the core lineup, instead bringing replacement musicians for guitarist Guy Marchais and vocalist Frank Mullen. But then again, the stand-ins did a really good job, and we got all the classics like ‘Breeding The Spawn’, ‘Catatonia’, ‘Funeral Inception’, ‘Liege Of Inveracity’, ‘Abomination Reborn’, ‘Pierced from Within’, ‘Effigy Of The Forgotten’, ‘Thrones Of Blood’ and ‘Bind Torture Kill’. It was all delivered with conviction and by a Derek Boyer with his bass literally standing upright on the floor at times, and a Terrance Hobbes looking as he was having the time of his life playing the same songs yet again. Suffocation is indeed always a safe bet, and also grand masters of the brutal death metal genre, even when they are playing far from their own New York scene.

Last band of the night were none other than the proud Egyptophile Americans in Nile. They are usually worth catching for George Kollias jaw-drop inducing drumming on its own. Throw in the fact that they have a solid discography of brutal and truly quality death metal by now, and you can maybe forgive them the fact that they don’t offer especially much in terms of the visual part of the show except their backdrop. But when a band churns out great renditions of ‘Lashed To The Slavestick’, ‘Sacrifice Unto Sebek’, ‘Kafir!’, and’ Sarcophagus’, most are willing to ignore the lack of visual pleasing stimuli – ignoring washed out t-shirts and shorts.

Blood Red Throne-3103

World record holder in leather, spikes, and mullets, Nifelheim, proved themselves once again worthy of being THE black thrash export number one of Sweden. Lead into battle by The hard rock brothers, twins Tyrant on bass and Hellbutcher on vocals, they held Inferno captive for ten songs, including the massively enjoyable ‘Storm of the Reaper’. They proved once again that to get far all you need is some good tunes and the proper attitude.

Craft was the last band out on the John Dee stage, and saw the venue filled up with people eagerly anticipating an onslaught of Swedish black metal. And they got what they wanted, although I must admit, after seeing Craft twice now, that they sound better on record than live. They also look a bit disorganized in their appearance, as if the band members don’t have that extra cohesive interpersonal dynamic going that makes a band stand out. At the very end drummer Uruz announced that he would be leaving the band, and introduced what might be his successor, Trish Kolstad, a local Oslo-based drummer, also recently making an appearance with Gehenna. She joined the band on stage for their last song, ‘I Want To Commit Murder’.



A surprise was had with the Finnish legion of Moonsorrow, whose albums I must say I have passed by pretty much in silence and disinterest, seeing as most folk oriented black metal is rather bland, and usually far too jolly, and fits better with the typical German festival goer who enjoys drawing a dick on their forehead and wear viking helmets – the ones with historically incorrect horns stuck to them. But I stand corrected. Moonsorrow was fully enjoyable, and far darker and balanced than I remembered from earlier. If not a band with a great show to coincide with their music, they at least pulled off the musical part with excellence.


Mayhem. I have caught them a million times by now, and there’s always an element of surprise to their performances. If not in terms of theatrics, then in terms of songs selected, or even how the band has seemed to vary immensely in how well they perform the material. This time around the band not only put on a great show, had good sound, but also played some songs they haven’t played in a while. In addition they had both former vocalist Maniac on stage, as well as Attila, and Messiah, all doing vocals on selected songs from their own eras and albums with the band. First appearing was Maniac doing five songs from 2000’s Grand Declaration Of War. Then Attila did ‘De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas’, ‘Life Eternal’, ‘Freezing Moon’ and ‘Illuminate Eliminate’, before Maniac was back on for songs from Deathcrush, which also saw the return of Messiah with the band, probably a byproduct of him appearing earlier on the very same stage with Order. The same band whose drummer Manheim also joined Mayhem on one of the songs he played with them on the Deathcrush EP back in 1987. Basically all in attendance were guided through the bands entire history, pigs’ heads thrown into the audience and all. Wholesome family Easter fun and games in other words. Most definitely a headliner worthy of ending this year’s Inferno festival. The entire Mayhem show is actually on YouTube now it seems, so you know what to do!





Internal Bleeding To Release New Album This Fall



New York death metal outfit Internal Bleeding is releasing their long-awaited full length Imperium this fall via Unique Leader Records. The record was produced by the band and Joe Cincotta at Full Force Studios (Suffocation, Dehumanized, Mortal Decay) in Ronkonkoma, New York and engineered by Cincotta and Derek Boyer, and artwork done by Mircea Gabriel Eftemie (Mnemic, Carcass, Cryptopsy, The Haunted, Nevermore). Imperium includes a three part trilogy features guest appearances by Suffocation’s Terrance Hobbs and Frank Mullen, and former Internal Bleeding frontman Frank Rini.


Comments guitarist Chris Pervelis, “We wanted to try to give fans of the band a little bit of insight into each song from both a musical and lyrical perspective. Even though we feel the album is very cohesive and we’re all on the same page musically, each member of the band has a different take on what is important and interesting about the album. It’s these different perspectives that combine to mxdake Imperiuma very complete and well-rounded recording.”


Internal Bleeding will be taking part on the Carnival of Death Tour with Suffocation, Kataklysm, Jungle Rot and Pyrexia starting October 3rd at Gramercy Theatre in New York, NY.


Carnival Of Death Tour 2014 w/ Suffocation, Kataklysm, Jungle Rot, Pyrexia:
Oct 03: Gramercy Theatre – New York, NY
Oct 04: The Webster – Hartford, CT
Oct 05: Bogie’s – Albany, NY
Oct 06: Oddbody’s Music Room – Dayton, OH
Oct 07: Reggie’s Rock Club – Chicago, IL
Oct 08: Altar Bar – Pittsburgh, PA
Oct 10: Empire – Springfield, VA
Oct 11: Tremont Music Hall – Charlotte, NC
Oct 12: The Orpheum – Tampa, FL
Oct 15 Scout Bar – Houston, TX
Oct 16: Dirty Dog – Austin, TX
Oct 17: Rail Club – Fort Worth, TX
Oct 18: Tricky Falls – El Paso, TX
Oct 19: Joe’s Grotto – Phoenix, AZ
Oct 20: Backstage Bar – Las Vegas, NV
Oct 21: The Whisky – West Hollywood, CA
Oct 22: DNA Lounge – San Francisco, CA
Oct 23: Tonic Lounge – Portland, OR
Oct 24: Studio Seven – Seattle, WA
Oct 25: Rickshaw Theatre – Vancouver, BC
Oct 26: The Level – Kelowna, BC
Oct 27: Starlite Room – Edmonton, AB
Oct 28: Rock Bottom – Saskatoon, SK
Oct 29: The Zoo – Winnipeg, MB
Oct 31: Mine Mill Hall – Sudbury, ON
Nov 01: The Opera House – Toronto, ON
Nov 02: Paramount – Rouyn, QC
Nov 03: Foufounes Electriques – Montreal, QC




Internal Bleeding on Facebook