Fossils Streaming The Meating EP In Entirety


Danish bass and drum noise rock duo Fossils is streaming their new EP The Meating, out now via Indisciplinarian, in its entirety here.

The band has these upcoming live dates:

Mar 26: Stengade – Copenhagen (DK) (*Indisciplinarian Label Night w/ Piss Vortex, Anti Ritual)
Mar 27: Radar – Aarhus (DK) (*Indisciplinarian Label Night w/ Piss Vortex, Anti Ritual)
Mar 28: 1000fryd – Aalborg (DK) (*Indisciplinarian Label Night w/ Piss Vortex, Anti Ritual)
Jun 12: TBA – DK *Indisciplinarian Label Night (w/ Piss Vortex, Anti Ritual)
Jun 13: Von Hatten – Randers (DK) *Indisciplinarian Label Night w/ Piss Vortex, Anti Ritual
Jun 27-Jul 04: Roskilde Festival – Roskilde (DK)

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Piss Vortex Streaming “Devouring Intent” Music Video

piss vortex

Danish noise mongers Piss Vortex is streaming their first official music video for “Devouring Intent”, off of their self titled album, out now via Indisciplinarian, here.

Piss Vortex delivered the contorted and demented, noise-laden crust/grind/hardcore Piss Vortex has been quickly known for throughout their hometown of Copenhagen and beyond live, captured through fourteen searing tracks in twenty-three minutes. Directed by Christopher Leo Andersen and Kasper Rebien, the newly created video for the album’s “Devouring Intent,” though brief, does accurate job of documenting the mayhem of the band’s live shows cut into a collage of their impressions from a cold, wintery Copenhagen, perfectly reflecting the chaotic and aggressive nature of the band and their unusual take on grindcore.

Delivering destructive, vile, next-level grindcore, Piss Vortex’s hectic tour de force in relentless creativity and off-the-wall musicianship here melds elements baring semblance at times to Antigama, Deadguy, Gorguts, Napalm Death, Discordance Axis, Rotten Sound and others, but in their own demented delivery. Their self-titled debut album was produced by Jakob Reichert Nielsen (Lack, Rising, Anti Ritual) and mastered by Brad Boatright (Integrity, High On Fire, Nails).

Piss Vortex Tour Dates:
Feb 28: Obscene – Roskilde DK (w/ Justin Hate)
Mar 26: Stengade – Copenhagen DK (Indisciplinarian Label Night w/ Fossils, Anti Ritual)
Mar 27: Radar – Aarhus DK (Indisciplinarian Label Night w/ Fossils, Anti Ritual)
Mar 28: 1000fryd – Aalborg DK (Indisciplinarian Label Night w/ Fossils, Anti Ritual)
Apr 16: Jazzhouse – Copenhagen DK (w/Retox)
Jun 12: TBA – DK (Indisciplinarian Label Night w/ Fossils, Anti Ritual)
Jun 13: Von Hatten – Randers DK (Indisciplinarian Label Night w/ Fossils, Anti Ritual)

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Fossils Streaming “Dead Ringer” and “The Ridge And The Rock”


Danish metallers Fossils will be releasing The Meating EP via Indisciplinarian on March 3, 2015. Stream “Deadringer” featuring Jacob Bredahl (The Kandidate, ex-HateSphere) and “The Ridge And The Rock” featuring Marie Højlund (Marybell Katastrophy) here.

On The Meating, the FOSSILS duo steps far outside of their generally completely instrumental works, capturing the vocal interpretations of seven tracks from their first album, Meat Rush, as performed by various singers at the Flesh Hammer LP release show in March 2014. Originally thought as a one-off at the release event, the performers were subsequently brought into the studio to document their contributions to the original tracks. The result is The Meating, a highly seductive abnormality with high energy vocals, noise and poetry contributions for all to enjoy while waiting for the next instrumental FOSSILS album to arrive in the beginning of 2016.

The Meating Track Listing:
1. Deadringer (feat. Jacob Bredahl – The Kandidate, ex-HateSphere)
2. Taxon (feat. Ultimate Combat Noise)
3. Meat Lover (feat. Mads Stobberup – Cola Freaks)
4. Ridge and the Rock (feat. Marie Højlund – Marybell Katastrophy)
5. Speedbacon (feat. Seb Doubinsky)
6. Ham Reader (feat. Mikko Mansikkala Jensen)
7. Ködhabit (feat. Kim Kix – Powersolo)

FOSSILS will be performing at the three Danish Indisciplinarian Label Nights in late March with labelmates Piss Vortex and Anti Ritual in Copenhagen, Aarhus and Aalborg, before taking their dynamic two man show to festivals across Europe.

Indisciplinarian Label Nights 2015 w/ Piss Vortex, Anti Ritual:
Mar 26: Stengade – Copenhagen DK
Mar 27: Radar – Aarhus DK
Mar 28: 1000fryd – Aalborg DK

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Fossils- Flesh Hammer

Fossils album cover

The instrumental symbol of heavy metal for many is the guitar: flying V, Les Paul…it’s the epitome of cool for us ‘bangers. There is, however, a growing number quietly acknowledging its driving factor as a pulsating rhythm section. To reinforce this view, the bass and drum duo is becoming an attractive proposition and, following hot on the heels of last year’s grunge-sludge sexiness from Akris, Danish duo Fossils attempt to advance the cause in a more brutal fashion on their second album Flesh Hammer (Indisciplinarian Records).

You’d expect a gore-fest given the titles on offer. The likes of ‘Spamtastic’ and ‘Pelvis Crust’ can lead to a comic conclusion and this is enhanced when the over egged levity of the promo shots is encountered. It soon becomes apparent that the only carve up is from that shuddering bass, often with melodic progressions, and pounding battery of the kit, flicking between blastbeats and driving metal with ease. The initial strains are promising: the bass of Simon Tornby appearing to take centre stage and provide a sound akin to a mimicked vocal, with its curious and inventive patterns tripping over some hostile yet tuneful riffs. The background and overall structure is savage enough to promote a death classification but the occasional strangled blues melodies and quasi-Jazz inflections show a progressive tendency. All tracks are brief which, given the style of music and the lack of voice, is something of a mercy: the crashing novelty subsiding as the tracks tend to slam into each other, becoming indistinct with a lack of variation from the pattern, with the welcome exception of the acoustic intro to the penultimate ‘Flesh Pillar’.

The power and ferocity coursing throughout this album, plus an edgy production which makes the bass positively fizz, gives the collection an attractive quality which gives rise to much fist pumping and no little desire for the nearest pit. It’s rare, however, to hear this style of metal without an accompanying larynx and it is this, plus the lack of distinction in the tracks, which gives an overall lack of fulfilment despite the promise it holds.


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