Sevendust 20th Anniversary: Live At The Space

Sevendust is a band that has an eternal quality to them. They have consistently put out quality albums, toured the world, and been generous with their fans for the entirety of their 25 years as a band, and 20 since the release of their self-titled début album on TVT Records, now defunct. After a one-off show this spring where they played that début album in its entirety, they have booked a few small tours where they continued to celebrate their legacy, as well as keep an eye on the future. Continue reading

Candiria – Netherlands – Tiger Flowers: At Amityville Music Hall


Candiria, by DEV Photography

Closing out a weekend run of shows for their recent album While They Were Sleeping (Metal Blade) New York City’s Candiria made their to Amityville Long Island to The Amityville Music Hall. With openers ranging from hardcore to metal to just straight up weird, it was an eclectic night for sure. Continue reading