This Is Hardcore- Part 2: Live At Electric Factory


Biohazard by Anne Spina Photography

Biohazard by Anne Spina Photography

On Saturday  at This Is Hardcore we got an awesome all-day lineup with Brooklyn’s Biohazard killing it still. Pennsylvania’s own Wisdom In Chains played, who are a fan favorite and a gift every year. Mad Joe even gave us the gift of telling us he was going to be a father again. New Jersey’s Lifleless is a band that is making the east coast look amazing again for hardcore. If you haven’t heard Dream it’s a must to own.

Lifeless, by Anne Spina Photography

Lifeless, by Anne Spina Photography


Sand of Japan came close to stealing the show. Makoto, their lead singer is wilder than Greg Puciato of Dillinger Escape Plan. It was sad to see Philly’s Rock Bottom come to an end, but they were amazing. The guys basically threw a party and chucked a bunch of toilet paper around the Electric Factory the whole set. It was actually pretty fun. Xibalba from Los Angeles is the band that is bringing hardcore and metal to the extreme. I think to me they remind me of the 90’s Swedish Death Metal bands. Turnstile killed it. In my mind Nonstop Feeling is the best album of 2015. Bane, those Boston boys, will always hold this festival night down. They “won” This Is Hardcore 2K15 to me. It’s sad to see a band who mattered in hardcore to me since 2000 call it to an end.

Foreseen (HKI) by Anne Spina Photography

Foreseen (HKI) by Anne Spina Photography

Twitching Tongues, by Anne Spina Photography

Twitching Tongues, by Anne Spina Photography


On Sunday the winners for the fest were Foreseen (HKI) from Finland. If you are a D.R.I. & Municipal Waste fan, bands like Foreseen are the best. I definitely thrashed like an athlete. You also had Twitching Tongues who to me is the most metallic hardcore band out there. Tongues also recently signed to Metal Blade Records. They are a game changer in heavy music. All Out War also played Sunday and featuring some songs off the new EP which I have to say is heavy. All Out War is a great band. Their moshers are wild and as a band they are a must to see. H2O killed Sunday night for me. Toby Morse playing a 20th Anniversary set and getting friends and family to come up and sing with him on songs. Of course The Exploited from the U.K. who I say kicked arse. They still are there to prove “punk is not dead.”

H2O,  Anne Spina Photography

H2O, Anne Spina Photography

The Exploited, by Anne Spina Photography

The Exploited, by Anne Spina Photography

Besides the music at This Is Hardcore, you have food trucks all over the fest. Distros of all kinds like Shop Shogun, Bridge Nine, Deathwish, Fast Break Records, and Harvcore Records. And even apparel like American Straight Edge Apparel. There’s also SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) Demo Fighting in the parking lot so if you want to fight like a knight or a viking. it’s the right place to do it. This is Hardcore is a fest that is important to this city. The fact that this fest moved from a small venue to the biggest venue in Philly, proves something. It was even heart-warming to hear that Joe Hardcore proposed to his longtime girlfriend Jessica Parr here. I have to say that this fest has something for everyone. It’s cool to see how packed it was for days like Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. When I look back at all the fests I’ve gone to, this is the one I approve at all costs. If you haven’t been here you’re missing out.

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This Is Hardcore- Part 1: Live At Union Transfer & Electric Factory


Snapcase, by Anne Spina Photography

Snapcase, by Anne Spina Photography

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The city of brotherly love, cheesesteaks. Rocky Balboa, and the almighty This Is Hardcore Fest, the biggest music festival on the east coast that supports the hardcore and punk. Joe Hardcore McKay started this fest 9 and he still does not disappoint. The first day of the fest this year was held at Union Transfer in Philly. The other three days were held at The Electric Factory (very close to The Transfer). Day one the fest had reunions and goodbyes. Buffalo New York’s Snapcase headlined this day. Singer Daryl Taberski said to the crowd Thursday Night “It’s great to perform to old fans and new fans”. The great vegan/straight edge band Chokehold from Canada also had reunited at This Is Hardcore. Not only did they co-headline the first day, but they also played an after show at the Voltage Lounge the next night. The sad part about Thursday was saying goodbye to Foundation, probably one of the most promising hardcore bands in this decade.

Chokehold, by Anne Spina Photography

Chokehold, by Anne Spina Photography

We also some great friends and hometown heroes in Agitator. They were ready to call it quits and I for one say it was great Joe Hardcore put them on this bill. I heard Joe say a month ago on The Post America Podcast “It wouldn’t be the same if we didn’t put them on”. One band who stole the show that to me was Code Orange. Code Orange is one of the best bands out of the keystone state. The album I Am King  (Deathwish Inc.) is a must own. The fact they came off Mayhem Festival and played this and not to mention all surprise guest vocalists to sing including Jeremy Tingle of Lifeless. It was a must see show. It will be amazing when Sunny Singh of posts that set.

Code Orange, by Anne Spina Photography

Code Orange, by Anne Spina Photography

On Friday there were a lot of main event heavy hitters especially the main event. Another reunion that is very important to talk about here. Boston’s American Nightmare (AKA Give Up The Ghost) headlined and made it beautiful. The band played probably one of their greatest sets out of all the reunion shows they’ve done so far. I’ve seen some footage of the Boston and New York shows they played, but tonight they amazed me. Being an American Nightmare fan since my junior year of high school, and now getting to see them thirteen years later, I felt like a kid again.

American Nightmare, Anne Spina Photography

American Nightmare, Anne Spina Photography

Cruel Hand, by Anne Spina Photography

Cruel Hand, by Anne Spina Photography

Another band that impressed me was Seoul, South Korea’s The Geeks. One of the best hardcore bands to graceful the U.S. surface in a minute. They definitely know how to get a crowd going. So does Cruel Hand of Portland Maine. They are that metallic hardcore band who can take the heaviest breakdown into the most thrashy beat to blast. It’s very much it’s a party when they play. Friday also featured power violence band Nails, who also made me a fan.

The Geeks, by Anne Spina Photography

The Geeks, by Anne Spina Photography

Nails, by Anne Spina Photography

Nails, by Anne Spina Photography

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Fell To Low – Low In The Dust


Post-hardcore is a genre which has thrived in recent years, which is due to a vast number of reasons. One of these is the so-called ‘Tumblr’ bands, such as La Dispute and Defeater, whose music seems to appeal to teenagers and those in their early twenties, while one of the most popular features of the genre is the meaningful and deep lyrics which people can relate to. Another band which is sure to prove a hit with the younger generation is Fell To Low, a California-based quintet with their latest release Low In The Dust (Revelation).

It is easy to hear from the first song alone, ‘Galore’, that there is something different about Fell To Low: the haunting guitar riffs and deep lyrical content gives the album an almost eerie feel. It is pretty much impossible to listen to the music without feeling somewhat attached to it, subconsciously or not. Fell To Low manage to grab your attention for the entire forty eight minutes of the record, and the end gives you an almost cathartic-like feeling.

Another stand-out track is ‘Boundary’, which opens with a slower yet beautiful guitar riff. The song soon descends into an almost chaotic structure, which is emphasised by Travis Farmer’s hard-hitting and frantic vocal style. The pace continually changes throughout the nine minute song, which allows the listener to stay focussed and interested.

Fell To Low have managed to create an impressive album which will appeal to fans across the post-hardcore and punk genres. Their emotional yet chaotic musical style allows the listener to fully engage with it, which is a quality that many bands are unable to achieve.





Impericon Never Say Die Tour With The Amity Affliction and Defeater This Fall

Imperion Never Say Die Tour 2015

The Impericon Never Say Die Tour has announced its lineup for its 9th year of bringing metal, hardcore and metalcore bands to UK audiences. The tour will be headlined by The Amity Affliction with support from Defeater, Being As An Ocean, Cruel Hand, Fit For A King and Burning Down Alaska. A teaser for the tour can be seen at this link or below:




Ivonne Davies Kreye of Avocado Booking commented on the tour:

We are hoping kids are as pumped for INSD 2015 as we are! What a line up and what a great team we got for the tour. The tour will be a home run!″


Martin Böttcher of Impericon also shared his thoughts on the long running tour:

This year, Avocado Booking remains faithful to the Impericon Never Say Die! Tour as they once again deliver another unprecedented line up. We look forward to celebrating with a proper party in Europe.″


The Amity Affliction singer, Joel Birch, also weighed in:

″We′re really excited to get back to Europe and the UK on the Impericon Never Say Die! Tour, not only because we always feel so welcomed there but also because the lineup we have is killer. It′s not often you want to watch every band on the bill – it′s going to be fucking wild, see you there!″



Impericon Never Say Die Tour dates:

Nov 08: Koko – London, UK

Nov 09: Club Academy – Manchester, UK

Nov 10: Garage – Glasgow, UK

Nov 11: Marble Factory – Bristol, UK

Nov 13: Patronaat – Haarlem, NL

Nov 14: Markthalle – Hamburg, DE

Nov 15: Astra – Prague, CZ

Nov 16: Meet Factory – Budapest, HU

Nov 17: Dürer Kert – Wien, AT

Nov 18: Arena – Bologna, IT

Nov 19: Zona Roveri – München, DE

Nov 20: Backstage – Pratteln, CH

Nov 21: Z7 – Lyon, FR

Nov 22: Razzmatazz – Barcelona, ES

Nov 23: Sala Cats – Madrid, ES

Nov 24: Rock School Barbey – Bordeaux, FR

Nov 25: Machine Du Moulin Rouge – Paris, FR

Nov 26: LKA – Stuttgart, DE

Nov 27: Turbinenhalle – Oberhausen, DE

Nov 28: Werk 2, Leipzig, DE



Impericon Never Say Die Tour online

Impericon Never Say Die Tour on Facebook

This Is Hardcore Fest Announce Daily Lineups

This Is Hardcore Fest has announced their daily lineups for the 2015 edition and the venues where each day’s event will be held.

Thursday, July 23rd – Union Transfer:
Code Orange
Morning Again
Break Away
Eternal Sleep


Thursday July 23rd@ Union TransferSnapcaseChokeholdCode OrangeMorning AgainFoundationBlisteredBreak AwayEternal Sleepremaining day by day breakdowns to come, keep your eyes open…

Posted by This Is Hardcore on Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Friday, July 24th – Electric Factory:
American Nightmare
Suicide File
Cruel Hand
True Love
The Geeks
Malice At The Palace


Friday July 24th @ the Electric FactoryAmerican NightmareSuicide FileNailsDefeaterCruel HandTrue Lovethe GeeksMalice At the Palace

Posted by This Is Hardcore on Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Saturday, July 25th – Electric Factory:
Misfits (“Earth A.D.” in full)
Killing Time
Reach The Sky
Suburban Scum
Time Bomb
Absolute Suffering


Saturday July 25th @ Electric Factorythe Misfits playing EARTH AD in its entiretyCroMags Bane – Last TIHC…

Posted by This Is Hardcore on Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Sunday, July 26th – Electric Factory:
H2O (20th anniversary show)
Negative Approach
All Out War
Power Trip
Rival Mob
Wisdom In Chains
Twitching Tongues
Fuck You Pay Me


Sunday July 26th @ Electric FactoryExploited – first US show in over a decadeH20 – 20th anniversary showNegative…

Posted by This Is Hardcore on Wednesday, April 1, 2015


The moment is upon us.This is Hardcore X or TIHC 2015 Official Announcement.Dates : July 23-26, 2015Thursday July…

Posted by This Is Hardcore on Monday, March 30, 2015

Miles Away Releasing Tide On May 5th

miles away

Australian hardcore outfit Miles Away will be releasing their brand new album titled Tide, out May 5, 2015 via Six Feet Under Records in North America and Europe, and Resist Records in Australia.

Band guitarist Adam Crowe wrote this record from his now Berlin, Germany base with Cam Jose via email, and enlisted former Defeater drummer Andy Reitz and bassist Jared Crowe of Perth, Australia based The Others to play on the record. Together they entered Getaway Studios in Boston with producer Jay Maas during July/August 2014, with the end result then mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege.

The artwork for Tide reflects the bands coastal West Australian roots with a sobering photo based insert brought to life by fellow sandgropers Mike Maxted & Adam Borello, with Tom Sweetman & Dick Smith handling layout duties.

miles away tide sixfeetunderrecords_MAAdSmall_2

The band has booked an upcoming Australian tour with Blacklisted.

May 08: Margaret River Footy Club (18+)*
May 09: Rosemount, Perth (18+)
May 10: HQ, Leederville (AA)
May 13: Enigma, Adelaide (Lic/AA)
May 14: Northcote Social, Melbourne (18+)
May 15: Red Rattler, Sydney (Lic/AA)
May 16: Small Ballroom, Newcastle (18+)
May 17: Upstairs 199, Brisbane (Day AA)
May 17: Brightside, Brisbane (Night 18+)

miles away australian tour 2015

Miles Away on Bandcamp

Capsize Headline UK Euro Tour With 68 and Casey


Capsize will be returning to the UK and Europe for a headline run with ’68 and Casey (UK) as support, after an extensive US run. Download a sampler featuring tracks from all of the bands on the upcoming Defeater and Counterparts North American tour here. They are still supporting their debut via Equal Vision Records,  The Angst In My Veins.

Mar 14: Woody’s – San Diego, CA
Mar 15: You Revolution – Tijuana, MX
Mar 17: Electric Banana – El Paso, TX
Mar 18: Yellow City Bomb Shelter – Amarillo, TX
Mar 19: Boozers – Corpus Christi, TX
Mar 20: South By So What – Grand Prairie, TX
Mar 21: Never Say Never Fest – Mission, TX
Mar 23: Doc 36 Skatepark – Jackson, MS
Mar 24: The Main St. Cafe – Clarksburg, WV
Mar 25: The Pharmacy – Philadelphia, PA
Mar 26: The PaperBox – Brooklyn, NY

Defeater w/Counterparts, Capsize, Better Off, and Hotel Books
Mar 27: Bogies – Albany, NY
Mar 28: The Webster – Hartford, CT (Counterparts w/Capsize only)
Mar 29: The Champ – Lemoyne, PA
Mar 30: Empire – West Springfield, VA
Mar 31: Motorco Music Hall – Durham, NC
Apr 01: The Neighborhood Theatre – Charlotte, NC
Apr 02: New Brookland Tavern – Columbia, SC
Apr 03: The Masquerade – Atlanta, GA
Apr 04: Aqua – Jacksonville, FL
Apr 05: The Forge – Birmingham, AL
Apr 07: New Albany House Production House – New Albany, IN
Apr 08: Rocketown – Nashville, TN
Apr 10: Walter’s Downtown – Houston, TX
Apr 11: Club Dada – Dallas, TX
Apr 12: Korova – San Antonio, TX
Apr 14: The Works – Albuquerque, NM
Apr 15: Nile – Mesa, AZ
Apr 16: Chain Reaction – Anaheim, CA
Apr 17: Strummer’s – Fresno, CA
Apr 18: Oakland Metro – Oakland, CA
Apr 19: Alhambra Theater – Portland, OR
Apr 20: El Corazon – Seattle, WA
Apr 22: Marquis Theater – Denver, CO
Apr 23: Firebird – St Louis, MO
Apr 24: Beat Kitchen – Chicago, IL
Apr 25: The Loft – Lansing, MI
Apr 26: Frankies – Toledo, OH
Apr 27: Basement Transmissions Theatre – Erie, PA
Apr 28: Waiting Room (Studio) – Buffalo, NY
+ Counterparts w/Capsize only

EU/UK Tour: Capsize and ‘68 w/Casey
May 15: JH Zenith – Dendermonde (BE)
May 16: Underground – Köln (DE)
May 17: Boston Music Room – London (UK)
May 18: Corporation – Sheffield (UK)
May 19: Audio – Glasgow (UK)
May 20: Buskers – Dundee (UK)
May 21: The Oobleck – Birmingham (UK)
May 22: The Junction – Plymouth (UK)
May 23: The Scene – Swansea (UK)
May 24: Schlachthof – Wiesbaden (DE)
May 27: Headcrash – Hamburg (DE)
May 29: Krachgarten – Wabern (DE)
May 30: JZ Riot – Lichtenstein (DE)
May 31: OO7 – Prague (CZ)
Jun 01: Das Bach – Wien (AT)
Jun 02: Kulturkeller – Gleisdorf (AT)
Jun 03: Juha West – Stuttgart (DE)
Jun 04: La Tenda – Modena (IT)
Jun 05: Ponte Rouge – Monthey, (CH)


Capsize on Merchnow
Capsize on YouTube
Capsize on Twitter
Equal Vision Records on Facebook
Equal Vision Records on Twitter