ALBUM REVIEW: Electric Callboy – TEKKNO


Considering many people’s initial exposure to German act Electric Callboy was down to the unforgettably bonkers video to 2020’s breakthrough hit ‘Hypa Hypa’, it might come as a surprise to some that the electronicore/metalcore act from Castrop-Rauxel has been around for twelve years and that latest album TEKKNO (Century Media) is actually their sixth full length studio release.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Oceans Ate Alaska – Disparity


Following on from two initial releases (including the particularly realised for the time Hikari), Oceans Ate Alaska in 2017 were a young band who had quickly shown huge levels of promise for bigger things to come. So, the fact the band had not followed up quickly (global pandemic of course not helping matters) feels somewhat surprising considering the momentum that was behind them. Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Dance Gavin Dance – Jackpot Juicer


I like a good challenge. Every so often, I fire up my ol’ NES and give Battletoads another go. I don’t think I will ever complete the hoverbike level but I still manage to have a good time. So when my editor suggested I review the new album by Dance Gavin Dance, a band that is far outside my usual fare of extreme metal, I happily accepted the challenge.

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INTERVIEW: Nik Nocturnal – The Ghost Cult Interview

YouTuber and Metal influencer Nik Nocturnal joined Ghost Cult Keefy for a discussion about his budding music career with Termina, social media, reaction videos, how he got his start in music, shred guitar, cover songs, working with superstars on music on collabs such as Will Ramos and Matthew Kiichi Heafy, listening to your audience, the “Heaviest Riffs” series, and much more! Continue reading

REVIEWS ROUND-UP: Oni – Petrol Girls – Profiler – We Struck Gold – Limbs


ONI – Loathing Light (Ironshore Records)

The development and progression from Jake Oni’s 2016 debut, the tech metal minded Ironshore to second offering Loathing Light is something quite notable. Always technically proficient, Oni has made the most of his exposure to a host of successful musical others (for one, he worked with Mark Morton on the latter’s solo record), and their class has rubbed off. That isn’t to say that ONI is reliant on the guest interventions and mentorship and guidance of others, more to say that the eponymous mastermind has become the proverbial sponge, moving on his ability to write engaging, memorable metal tunes, with the emphasis on energy, and setting a series of barbed aural traps to ensnare both the willing victims and the unwitting.

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INTERVIEW: Kyle Shope of Bodysnatcher Talks “Bleed Abide”

We caught up with Kyle Shope of Bodysnatcher to discuss the new album Bleed Abide – out now via MNRK Heavy! We talked to Kyle about the band’s process for writing the album, working with MNRK Music Group, what it’s like for a signed band focused on growing a following, and much more!

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ALBUM REVIEW: Vatican – Ultra

While Georgian five-piece Vatican may name-check Meshuggah and Dillinger Escape Plan, their roots are firmly planted in (the original type of) metalcore, owing as much to Earth Crisis and Vision of Disorder (et al) as the latter-day spearheads of discordant “popular” heavy music. Ultra (UNFD) may be the band’s second full-length overall, however with a focus on the sound and style, and with the smooth integration of new vocalist Mike Sugars, it feels like a milestone moment in the definition of what Vatican is as a band, and who they are as an artist.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Bleed From Within – Shrine


I think I’ve made my point regarding redundant subgenres within metal quite obvious in past reviews. If you haven’t read those, then what are you waiting for? Go arm yourselves with knowledge. I only bring this up because after a few listens of Bleed From Within’s Shrine (Nuclear Blast) I have no idea exactly where to file them in the grand metal rolodex. And that is actually a good thing. Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Harbinger – A Letter To Anguish – Self-Released

In UK underground metal circles, Harbinger is a name that seems to have been around for a considerable time. Regular gig-goers will more than likely have come across them (intentionally or not, as welcome as they are) on a festival or support slot at some point. Which makes it surprising that since their inception, only one full-length release has seen the light of day (in addition to a handful of EPs). Perhaps surprisingly in that respect (if not with their own lifespan), this mini-album follow-up to said full-length has shown considerable movement in their sound.

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EP REVIEW: Crown Magnetar – Alone In Death

These days, with technology readily at our disposal, music isn’t always created directly by humans. Programming has significantly widened the plains of the musical landscape, for better or worse.Continue reading