On The Road… with Cavalera Conspiracy and Death Angel

cavalera conspiracy death angel coc blind lody kong tour 2015

Recently wrapping up six weeks of touring Cavalera Conspiracy and Death Angel criss-crossed the USA on a long tour. Both bands brought the heavy to thrash fans across the country. Joining them on the tour was Corrosion of Conformity BLIND, on their first national tour ever, and Lody Kong. Lody Kong of course counts amongst its ranks Zyon and Igor Cavalera, sons of headliner Max. The young upstarts with the metal royalty in their bloodline don’t flinch in fear of tough crowds or early stage times. COC BLIND features Corrosion of Conformity drummer Reed Mullen and singer Karl Agell (King Hitter/Leadfoot) play songs of the Blind (Columbia) album. Many of these tracks haven’t been played in concert since the tour following the album in 1991. Death Angel is still touring behind The Dream Call For Blood (Nuclear Blast) and has a new concert DVD on the way soon. They are one of the best live bands in thrash or any other genre of metal. Lastly Cavalera Conspiracy takes the stage, Max and his brother Igor (MIXHELL), reunited and thrashing just as they are meant to do together. The set list on this night included songs from the two CC albums, obligatory Sepultura hits such as ‘Territory’ and ‘Biotech is Godzilla’, a tribal drum off with a little kid from the crowd, and even a Nailbomb jam. Shot at the Hawthorne Theater by Curtiss Dunlap Photography, this was quite the entertaining night of metal!

Cavalera conspiracy, by Curtiss Dunlap Photography

Cavalera Conspiracy, by Curtiss Dunlap Photography

Cavalera Conspiracy, by Curtiss Dunlap Photography

Cavalera Conspiracy, by Curtiss Dunlap Photography

Cavalera Conspiracy, by Curtiss Dunlap Photography

Cavalera Conspiracy, by Curtiss Dunlap Photography

Death Angel, by Curtiss Dunlap Photography

Death Angel, by Curtiss Dunlap Photography

COC BLIND, by Curtiss Dunlap Photography

COC BLIND, by Curtiss Dunlap Photography

Lody Kong, by Curtiss Dunlap Photography

Lody Kong, by Curtiss Dunlap Photography

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On The Road… with Karma To Burn and Sierra


Long-running West Virginia bred, instrumental stoner-rock missionaries Karma To Burn has just finally released their killer new album Arch Stanton (Faba Records) in the USA, after it was available overseas last summer. The tracks themselves are mini-epics of major proportions, and they cement everything you love about this groovin institution, yet pushes out their sound even more than before. To celebrate, the band has hit the road with like minded rockers Sierra on a tour that will see them criss-cross the US. Catching up with the band recently at Portland Oregon’s storied Hawthorne Theater, both bands were impressive. Even local opener Disenchanter caught our attention. Check out this photo set from the show courtesy of Curtiss Dunlap Photography. If you can’t make it out to a show, go pick up Arch Stanton, sit back, burn one and space out.




karmatoburn03 karmatoburn04



On The Road…. C.O.C.

COC tour poster


Corrosion of Conformity continues to mine away at our collective psyches, grooves crushing so hard as a power trio with their latest album IX (Candlelight). The band is out on the road supported by hardcore mainstays B’last, Brant Bjork and The Low Desert Punk Band and Lord Dying; tearing up stage after stage, night after night. Ghost Cult’s Curtiss Dunlap caught this tour in Portland, OR, (minus B’last) at Dante’s. Check out his photos from the show:
















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Corrosion of Conformity on Facebook

B’last of Facebook

Brant Bjork and The Low Desert Punk Band on Facebook

Lord Dying on Facebook




Barrows: Live at The Know, Portland, OR



The Know is a punk venue located in North Portland on a street populated with boutiques, food cart pods, and the odd carniceria. A curtain sections off a bar and some pinball machines from a low bare-bones stage in a room maybe twenty feet wide by forty long. A couple of what appear to be gold couch cushions are affixed (glued?) to the ceiling above the stage, and there’s a big ‘ol poster of a lightning storm on the right-hand wall, for atmosphere.



Barrows is a band from Los Angeles that plays epic instrumental post-rock with a narrative bent. They are out touring the West Coast on their latest LP, Red Giant (Barrows Recordings), a concept album that lays out the life and death of a star (Hubble Telescope kind, not Tom Cruise) in five spiraling songs. This was their second stop on the tour, third if you count their first date at home.


The night began with Portland locals The Sky Above and Earth Below playing a solid set of melodic screaming hardcore in the vein of Glassjaw or Shai Hulud. The three piece band set up on ground level in front of the stage (D.I.Y. pragmatism’s not dead!) and though no actual floor punching occurred surely we all floor punched in our hearts as they riffed in our midst.




After a brief sound check Barrows began their set on the red-lit stage with the atmospheric winds and clean swells of album opener, ‘Nebula.’ Drummer Richy Epolito and bassist Jim Leonard were joined by guitarists Brock Haltiwanger and Ryo Higuchi, and when they hit the huge flanging crashes that come near the end of the song it was apparent that the band is fully locked in and not prone to lose any power in their live presence.




Their formidable sound brought more people in from the bar, and Barrows ended up playing to a decent room for a Monday night. They moved through the bulk of Red Giant in a focused manner, pausing only a few times to switch basses, and bringing a tight intensity to the many transitions and builds in the material.




Leonard paused briefly to say hi to the crowd before announcing their last song of the night, ‘Pirates,’ the closing track from Barrows 2011 debut , Imprecari Island. Fifteen minutes later Barrows was packed up and ready to, as Saint Rollins once put it, “Get in the van.”

Barrows on Bandcamp