Theories – Vessel

I can’t help but wonder if Theories’ practice room is to be treated like a hard hat area. The bleak album art for Vessel (Corpse Flower Records) should’ve been enough to alert me of what awaited, but I had to hit that play button. After the initial pummeling of ‘Human Vessel Cell’ I clearly understood that everything Theories does is designed with lethal intentions in mind. If you’re looking for melody, clean guitars or strict adherence to speed limits you can show yourself the door right about now. What Theories is serving up is not for the fair-weather Hard Rock fan. Continue reading

Great Falls- A Sense Of Rest

It is coming to the end of another year, a time with some celebration you may have heard of on the horizon and, more importantly, for end of year lists, where mostly sane people agonise and debate about ranking excellent things they enjoyed in an arbitrary list format which simultaneously means nothing and everything at the same time. It also means that albums released between now and the start of January will normally get overlooked; which, in the case of Great Falls and A Sense Of Rest(Corpse Flower Records), is a criminal injustice.Continue reading

EXCLUSIVE STREAM: Night Vapor – “Your Daily Bread”

Bands that take themselves too seriously are uptight, are easy to spot, and usually suck pretty bad. Bands that understand how absurd life truly is, usually makes interesting and challenging music that works outside the normal confines of typical genres. This is the case with Night Vapor’s bucket o’ weird and their heady noise-rock inspired jams. The band is dropping a new album 1,000 Miles of Mud (via Corpse Flower Records) on December 14th, and Ghost Cult is streaming their new single, ‘Your Daily Bread’, and you should check it out. Continue reading

Child Bite Recording New Record with Philip Anselmo

child bite

Detroit punk/metal/noise rock misfits Child Bite have been holed up in their den of iniquity penning new tunes for their as-yet-untitled new full-length, to be recorded by Philip H. Anselmo at his famed Nodferatu’s Lair. The record serves as the follow-up to last year’sStrange Waste EP, released via Housecore Records.

Comments Child Bite in a collective statement,

“Us ‘BITE boys have been holed up all winter, writing tons of stuff for the next record. We’ve been talking to Phil about recording with him for quite a while; we really just did Strange Waste last year as a way to keep busy while waiting for his busy schedule to clear up. We write in waves, with most songs requiring either four or five distinct passes before they are complete. Most of the songs are entering the third and fourth passes, with lyrics just getting started on. We sent Phil a bunch of really rough demos last week to share our progress and his response was; ‘insanely great ideas!’ Juice levels are reaching new heights in the CB camp.”

In related Child Bite intel, the band will appear on an upcoming, limited edition Celtic Frost tribute record. Set for release via Corpse Flower Records this Spring as a supplement to the Morbid Tales! An Illustrated Tribute To Celtic Frost, a mega 155-page comic with illustrations and illustrated anecdotes from a varied bunch of metal musicians/authors, edited by renowned illustrator Mark Rudolph, Child Bite opens the collection with their rendition of “The Usurper” with Anselmo on lead vocals. “If you saw us at our release show or on tour last Fall,” the band notes, “you may have heard us play it with [vocalist] Shawn [Knight] doing his best Anselmo-meets-Tom G impression.” The comp will also include Acid Witch, Municipal Waste, members of Neurosis and Repulsion and more!

Child Bite on Bandcamp
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The Tiger Lillies Reissuing Bad Blood + Blasphemy via Corpse Flower Records

tiger lillies bad blood

Corpse Flower Records will be reissuing cult British trio The Tiger Lillies album Bad Blood + Blasphemy in April. Check out the trailer here.

Bad Blood + Blasphemy Track Listing:
Side A
1. Bad
2. Killer
3. Car Crash
4. Maria
5. Start a Fire
6. Soho Boy
7. Neighbour
Side B
1. Angel
2. XYZ
3. Crack of Doom
4. Clown
5. Rapist
6. Salvation
7. Dead Souls

Often deemed the forefathers of Brechtian punk cabaret, THE TIGER LILLIES are notorious for a wholly unique sound and aesthetic which merges the macabre magic of pre-war Berlin, the savage edge of punk rock, anarchic opera and gypsy music. Founding frontman, Martyn Jacquesspent, spent much of his 20s in a flat above a brothel in London’s Soho, peeping through his window at the buzz of Soho’s lowlife. It took him a good ten years to turn that strange world into art, while training as a singer and songwriter. In 1989 he got his first accordion and THE TIGER LILLIES were formed shortly thereafter.

Back in the early ’90s, the avant garde trio stood out immediately for its distinct musical craftings and quickly worked their way up from London pubs to the Piccadilly Theatre and buskers’ benches to the Sydney Opera House. Soon the THE TIGER LILLIES were touring the world and participating in various art and theatre projects. Within the last two decades THE TIGER LILLIES have performed an average of over two-hundred gigs a year and despite spending so much time on the road, they’ve managed to release more than one album a year. They’ve participated in numerous shows all over the world, collaborating with artists of all disciplines: from circus performers to Shakespearean actors, experimental dancers to avant garde photographers and burlesque puppeteers to classical music ensembles. The world of THE TIGER LILLIES is dark, peculiar and varied, with moments of deep sadness, cruel black humor and immense beauty. Their songs cover all the dark aspects of life, from prostitution and drug addiction to violence and despair. Always with a touch of twisted comedy and sharp irony. THE TIGER LILLIES shock, amuse and entertain in a postmodern vaudeville way, with their inimitable in-your-face shows, where no limit should be taken for granted.

Initially released in 1999 via the band’s own Misery Guts Music, Bad Blood + Blasphemy boasts fourteen delightfully twisted compositions of signature THE TIGER LILLIES audio absurdity accompanied by the talents of some of Berlin’s finest Turkish musicians. Given the wax treatment for the very first time, the Corpse Flower edition was mastered for vinyl by James Plotkin (OLD, Scorn, Khanate, Khlyst), includes brand new artwork by Mark Rudolph (Carcass, Coalesce, Battlecross) and will be limited to 500 copies in four different color variants: black, oxblood splatter on bone, blood red, and oxblood in milky clear. Preorders will come with a hand drawn 8″x10″ illustration of THE TIGER LILLIES (by Rudolph).

Philip Anselmo, etc Featured On Celtic Frost Covers CD, Track Listing Confirmed

celtic frost book

Corpse Flower Records has put together a Celtic Frost covers record that will be going alongside the Morbid Tales! Book. The list of artists participating features Child Bite with Philip Anselmo, Blood Caldera (featuring Scott Kelly and Jason Roeder of Neurosis), and Coffin’s Slave (featuring Scott Carlson of Repulsion). The record is mastered by James Plotkin and fully designed by Mark Rudolph.

celtic frost covers

Celtic Frost Tribute Book Out November 15

celtic frost book

Metal-centric graphic novel Morbid Tales! An Illustrated Tribute To Celtic Frost will be released on November 15, 2014 via Corpse Flower Records and CV Comics. The book was edited by illustrator Mark Rudolph (Carcass, Coalesce, Battlecross) and is a regular contributor to Decibel and Metal Hammer Magazines. Watch a teaser video here.

The second in a planned trilogy of metal-centric graphic novels. Morbid Tales! An Illustrated Tribute To Celtic Frost serves as the follow-up to Rudolph’s 2012-released Satan Is Alive; A Tribute To Mercyful Fate. Less a literal take on the subject matter than that of the Mercyful Fate book, Morbid Tales! delves into the world created from Frost’s music rather than translating lyrics and boasts an extraordinary list of work from the likes of Rudolph, Justin Bartlett, Shawn Knight (Child Bite), J. Bennett (Ides Of Gemini), Slasher Dave (Acid Witch), Tim Shagrat (Acid Witch/Reaper/Shitfucker), Ravn (1349) and dozens upon dozens of others. The book also includes forewords from Tomas Lindberg (At The Gates) and Ivar Bjornson (Enslaved) with additional pieces from Joel Grind (Toxic Holocaust), Flo Swartz (Pyogenesis), Ben Ash (Carcass),Scott Kelly (Neurosis), Fenriz (Darkthrone), Dan Lilker (Brutal Truth), Jeff Wagner(author of Mean Deviation), Shane Embury (Napalm Death), Greg Macintosh (Paradise Lost), Trevor Peres (Obituary), Scott Carlson and Matt Olivo (Repulsion), Orvar Säfström (Nirvanna 2002), Attila Csihar (Mayhem), Chris Reifert (Autopsy) and John Paradiso (Evoken).

Corpse Flower will also be issuing an accompanying, limited edition LP of Celtic Frost cover tunes later this year. More information coming soon.