Coheed and Cambria Shares Holiday Themed Animated Video for “Toys”

Legendary Progressive Metallers Coheed and Cambria have teamed up with Funny or Die to debut their new music video for the track ‘Toys’. Directed by Alek Wasilewski and subtitled ‘The Unheavenly Christmas Carol,’ the concept for the clip was created by bandleader Claudio Sanchez. Directed by Alek Wasilewski, the song comes from Coheed’s recent album The Unheavenly Creatures. Funny or Die shared the video with the quote: “We’re in the middle of 45’s impeachment… that’s a lot to try and cope with during the holiday season, but Coheed and Cambria’s here to meld holiday bliss with democratic shit-shows.”

Sanchez remarked, “I’ve wanted to ‘toy’ with a Santa story for some time. I guess, no better time than the present. And for Jolly Ole’ to decide if he’s Naughty or Nice? The President.”

Aenimus – Dreamcatcher

Technical Death Metal feels like such an unnecessary term. The cornerstone of Death Metal, outside of the cartoonish violence depicted in lyrical content, is a virtuosic musical ability. How exactly do you make something already technically proficient even more extreme in its dexterity? Fortunately, bands like Aenimus are here to provide the answer. Continue reading

Coheed and Cambria – Vaxis – Act I: The Unheavenly Creatures

Last time around, 2015’s The Color Before The Sun (300) saw New York progressive rockers Coheed and Cambria abandon the lavish story arc of their previous seven albums and move away from the polished and heroic approach they had made their own, ploughing a more straightforward alternative rock furrow. Whether it was an attempt to attain new fans, a one-off experiment, or simply a stylistic change that didn’t quite work, nonetheless, long-time supporters of the band will be pleased to hear that the fantasy conceptualists have returned to what they know best. Continue reading

Video: Coheed And Cambria – Island

Coheed And Cambria video Still for island

Coheed and Cambria have released their new video for their song ‘Island’, inspired by Batman Versus Superman : Dawn Of Justice and their forthcoming summer time blockbuster movie. Island comes from their 2015 album The Color Before The Sun (300 Entertainment) . You can watch the videoat this link or below.



Coheed frontman, lifelong comic book fan, and graphic novel author Claudio Sanchez (The Armoury Wars) commented:

“When I think of these two iconic characters, I think of opposite attraction. “I think of myself and my wife. How two opposite ends of a spectrum can create harmony and balance. In one way or another, these characters have been paired up with like-minded love interests, the Bat and the Cat… The Alien and the Amazonian… I wanted to bring the Dark and the Light together.”


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Coheed and Cambria – Thank You Scientist: Live at House of Blues, Boston MA



I went with my brother and a friend to see Coheed and Cambria’s Neverender Tour with special opener Thank You, Scientist. This tour is in celebration of the tenth anniversary of In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3, and the band has played the album through from start to finish across the country. Having missed their full “Neverender” set (spanning the entirety of their first 4 albums) in New York years ago, this opportunity seemed too good to pass up. While we managed to get VIP tickets for the show, we missed out on the meet-and-greet “Platinum” tickets that were available for pre-sale. The “Gold” VIP tickets came with a VIP lanyard card, and allowed for a half hour early entrance and a special acoustic song by the band.

We arrived at the House of Blues Boston about an hour before we were due to be let in. Once they started shuffling us into the venue, we took a curious turn by walking through the venue, out a back door, and around to a side door which led into the actual stage area. We filled in with the platinum VIP holders, and were greeted with a wonderful acoustic cover of the Jimmy Eat World track ‘A Praise Chorus. Once the song ended, the doors officially opened and we had another hour or so before Thank You, Scientist would take the stage.

Thank You, Scientist is the first act to be signed to Claudio Sanchez’sEvil Ink label, branching out from comics and into the realm of up-and-coming musical talent. As a large act (7 people playing 20+ instruments), they can definitely fill a stage, and they do it well. With songs equally catchy and crushing, Thank You, Scientist present a very eclectic cross-section of what the prog genre can be. On top of your standard prog-metal musicians, they also have 2 brass players and a lead violinist, who all worked off each other satisfyingly well. Lead vocalist Salvatore Marrano’s strange stage antics and strong voice tied everything together for a wonderfully off-kilter performance.

As Coheed and Cambria were preparing to go on, a giant three-dimensional Keywork logo was revealed, illuminated by lights built into the logo itself. The house lights cut out to a single spotlight illuminating a ringing phone onstage, cuing the entry of the band during their opening track, ‘The Ring in Return. The crowds’ eagerness was palpable; as soon as the song started, bodies were already moving through the air. Whatever breathing room we had was gone, as everyone pushed to get as close to the stage as possible. Unfortunately, I was quickly forced to resign myself to a corner by the merch booth for most of the set. However, in spite my location, I had a great view of the band as they continued to move flawlessly from each song to the next.

The title track, ‘In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3, hit the crowd like a bomb. Opening up with a fan favorite that would normally close out their set, people wasted no time throwing themselves around and screaming their hearts out for the entirety of the eight minute track. The crowd’s intensity only increased from there, as the band went directly into ‘Cuts Marked in the March of Men, Claudio’s voice soaring through the thunderous riffs and time changes that made this album hold up perfectly ten years later.

The band played through the entire album flawlessly, with some highlights including ‘The Crowing and ‘A Favor House Atlantic‘. I found myself completely engrossed by the atmosphere they were creating, and was caught completely off guard when they started playing The Light and the Glass‘. A longtime favorite of mine that I thought I’d never hear live, the band played through it like it was a permanent fixture on their set list.

The first track to get encored was ’21:13′, the hidden track on In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3 (Columbia). As another track that almost never gets played, I felt exceedingly fortunate to see both live in one set. Following ’21:13′, they played the track ‘Neverender’ (From Second Stage Turbine Blade), another fan favorite and the namesake of the tour. Coheed and Cambria took a moment off stage to switch instruments before their second encore set, starting with ‘Goodnight, Fair Lady (The Afterman: Ascension), followed by ‘Number City (From The Afterman: Descension). Claudio invited The horn sectionfrom Thank You, Scientist onstage to play along with them for Number City’, for what ended up being the one of the most entertaining songs of the night.

For the final encore of the night, two tracks from Good Apollo I’m Burning Star IV, ‘Ten Speed (of God’s Blood and Burial) and ‘Welcome Homewere played. The raw energy being put out by the band was impressive, considering how long they had been playing already. The Neverender Tour is a fabulous idea and an incredible experience. I sincerely hope they’ll be returning with other albums from their catalog.





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