Reunited Into Another Releasing Omens EP

into another

New York post rock veterans Into Another have returned with their new five song EP titled Omens, which is out today (April 14, 2015). Featuring Richie Birkenhead (one time guitarist for Youth Of Today and vocalist for Underdog) and drummer Drew Thomas (formerly of Crippled Youth and Bold), they assembled a new musical unit then around former Whiplash bassist Tony Bono and then newcomer Peter Moses on guitar. They recorded two full lengths and two EPs via Revelation Records before their 1995 major label release Seemless before their untimely demise a couple years later, alongside Bono’s sudden passing in 2002. They reunited in 2012 for the Revelation Records 25th Anniversary shows with Brian Balchack (Ignite) and Reid Black (Innaway) joining on guitar and bass respectively.

into another omens

Into Another Omens Track Listing:

01: Crossed
02: The Fray
03: Nocturne No. 11
04: Ominous
05: What Went Wrong

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