Alice In Chains Singer William DuVall to Release Solo Album This Fall, New Video Out Now

Longtime Alice In Chains singer William DuVall will release his debut solo album One Alone via his own DVL Recordings. The album will be a solo acoustic release. No stranger to acoustic fare, DuVall performed unplugged with Comes With The Fall, his pre-Alice In Chains band, as well las with Jerry Cantrell’s solo band. In addition to being a noted rock and RnB producer before AIC, he also has been a member of hardcore punk bands Awareness Void Of Chaos, Neon Christ, Bl’ast!, and Final Offering. The official video for the album’s first single, ‘Til The Light Guides Me Home’, can be seen at the link below.Continue reading

Teenage Time Killers Book One-Off Show For September

Teenage Time Killers concert

Teenage Time Killers, the supergroup put together by Mick Murphy (My Ruin) and Reed Mullen (COC) is putting on a one-off all-star concert in Los Angeles on September 12th. Featuring many of the big names that make up each of the tracks of Greatest Hits Vol 1, (Rise Records) taking the stage with Murphy and Mullen will be Randy Blythe, Corey Taylor, Neil Fallon, Lee Ving, Tommy Victor, Vic Bondi, Phil Rind, Ron Beam, Tony Foresta, Clifford Dinsmore, Tairrie B. Murphy, Jonny Webber, Greg Anderson, Pat “Atom Bomb” Loed, Karl Agell, and Trenton Rogers. Tickets are already on sale at this link:



teenage time killers GHVol1 album cover 2015

ALBUM REVIEW: Teenage Time Killers – Greatest Hits Vol.1


Have you ever heard an album so good you thought it was made just for you? Like someone reached into the great boombox in your brain and pulled out just what you wanted to hear? Well, Greatest Hits Vol. 1 (Rise Records) by Teenage Time Killers is that album for me. If you have yearned for some new tunes to come along and kick your ass back to 1988, then this music is for you. Masterminded by Mick Murphy (My Ruin, and Reed Mullen (Corrosion of Conformity), the core band is rounded out by the ubiquitous Dave Grohl and chipping in everything except lead vocals and Greg Anderson (Sunn O)))/Goatsnake) and his mighty axe. In addition to a cavalcade of former and current stars from across punk and metal, it’s an ambitious attempt to turn the idea of a supergroup on its head.

Certainly, a lot of hype has gone on about the assembled players, especially the vocalists. If you re thinking of Grohl’s Probot project, you are not far off. That was Grohl paying tribute to his metal heroes. TTK is all about paying tribute to a certain mindset. An era when writing fun, smart songs that hit you where you live was the norm. Mullen has put his distinctive angry yelp on many C.O.C. albums and does a fine job here on the opening track ‘Exploder’ and on ‘The Dead Hand’. ‘Exploder’ is just a classic punk track with all the whoa-oh-ohs you can handle. Second track ‘Crowned by the Light of The Sun’ sounds like an early-era Clutch song and thus Neil Fallon is right at home singing over some stone grooves. The most blistering track here is the thrash/punk ‘Hung Out To Dry’. Randy Blythe (Lamb of God) just slays the track with his parts.


Following these first salvos the rest of the album is a tad uneven in a few places, but on repeated listens the entire thing holds together well. Jello Biafra is predictably pissed off in the too-short ‘Ode to Hannity’. ‘Barrio’ featuring Matt Skiba of Alkaline Trio/Blink 182 has the second-best track on the album. It’s another fun old-school sing-a-long that is both fun and political. Mike IX (EyeHateGod), Tommy Victor (Prong/Danzig) and Tairrie B. Murphy (My Ruin) anchor the three of the remaining real standout tracks. While it’s great to have an album in 2015 with Lee Ving (Fear), Karl Agel (COC Blind/King Hitter) and Phil Rind (Sacred Reich) altogether, at times you wish the tracks were a little stronger. Although a little short of total greatness for all the meaningful names, Teenage Time Killers backed up having the stones to call this album Greatest Hits Vol 1.




King Parrot Supporting Down on Upcoming North American Tour

king parrot

Australian thrash grinders King Parrot are joining Down, Orange Goblin and Bl’Ast on a North American tour. They are touring behind their Bite Your Head Off album, out now via Candlelight Records. Watch their fan-filmed clip from Housecore Horror Film Fest here.

KING PARROT w/ Down, Orange Goblin, Bl’ast:
Nov 29: Southport Music Hall – New Orleans, LA *Down, KING PARROT only
Nov 30: The Lost Well – Austin, TX *KING PARROT early
Dec 01: Aztec Theater – San Antonio, TX
Dec 02: Fly Catcher – Tucson, AZ *KING PARROT only
Dec 03: House of Blues – Las Vegas, NV
Dec 04: Epek Print – Salinas CA *KING PARROT only
Dec 05: Riverside Municipal Auditorium – Riverside, CA
Dec 06: Wiltern Theatre – Los Angeles, CA
Dec 07: Ace of Spades – Sacramento, CA
Dec 08: The Fillmore – San Francisco, CA
Dec 09: Tonic Lounge – Portland OR * KING PARROT, Author & Punisher only
Dec 10: Showbox at the Market – Seattle, WA
Dec 11: Commodore Ballroom – Vancouver, BC
Dec 13: Union Hall – Edmonton, AB
Dec 14: Flames Central – Calgary, AB
Dec 15: Knitting Factory – Spokane, WA
Dec 16: Area 51 – Salt Lake City, UT *KING PARROT, Wolvhammer only
Dec 17: Summit Music Hall – Denver, CO
Dec 18: The Riot Room – Kansas City, MO *Orange Goblin, KING PARROT only
Dec 19: Diamond Ballroom – Oklahoma City, OK
Dec 20: Gas Monkey Live – Dallas, TX
Dec 21: Warehouse Live – Houston, TX

down tour


Orange Goblin Supporting Down on Upcoming North America Tour

orange goblin

UK Stoner Metallers Orange Goblin will be supporting Down across North America with Bl’Ast and King Parrot as support. Their current release, Back From the Abyss, is out via Candlelight Records.

ORANGE GOBLIN w/ Down, Bl’ast, King Parrot:
Dec 01: Aztec Theater – San Antonio, TX
Dec 03: House of Blues – Las Vegas, NV
Dec 05: Riverside Municipal Auditorium – Riverside, CA
Dec 06: Wiltern Theatre – Los Angeles, CA
Dec 07: Ace of Spades – Sacramento, CA
Dec 08: The Fillmore – San Francisco, CA
Dec 10: Showbox at the Market – Seattle, WA
Dec 11: Commodore Ballroom – Vancouver, BC
Dec 13: Union Hall – Edmonton, AB
Dec 14: Flames Central – Calgary, AB
Dec 15: Knitting Factory – Spokane, WA
Dec 17: Summit Music Hall – Denver, CO
Dec 19: Diamond Ballroom – Oklahoma City, OK
Dec 20: Gas Monkey Live – Dallas, TX
Dec 21: Warehouse Live – Houston, TX

Orange Goblin on Facebook

Brant Bjork and the Low Desert Punk Band Streaming New Album

brant bjork and black power flower

Brant Bjork and The Low Desert Punk Band is releasing their new album Black Flower Power on November 17th via Napalm Records. Listen to the album here.

The former Kyuss and current Vista Chino drummer is handling guitar and mixes Stoner Rock, blues and Doom into a feverish hazy brew. Bjork has previously founded recording labels (El Camino and Duna Records), worked as a producer, and collaborated with LAB (featuring ex-Bl’ast members), Fatso Jetson, Fu Manchu and Mondo Generator (with Nick Oliveri)

Brant Bjork Official Site
Napalm Records Official Site
Napalm Records on Facebook

Bl’ast – Denim and Leather: Live at Star and Garter, Manchester, United Kingdom



A beloved haven of British punk rock, the Star and Garter pub is rough and ready, but a great setting for an intimate performance from SST Records luminaries Bl’ast. Many will have felt the pull of guest rhythm section, namely former Queens Of The Stone Age men Joey Castillo and bass playing hellraiser Nick Oliveri, himself fresh off his second solo acoustic tour of the UK. Make no mistake about it, this is a set of high-octane punk from a much overlooked underground act that helped shape the face of American hardcore.

Denim & Leather (1)


Before the main event it’s time for Denim and Leather to warm up an already sweaty venue with their skinny frontman flailing across the stage. The group mainline Black Flag intensity with a few soiled Discharge riffs in an effective manner, warming things pleasantly for the headliners.

Bl_ast (7)

Bl’ast are like a kick to the gut. The predominantly thirty plus audience really wake up to the raw intensity before them. Vocalist Clifford Dinsmore passes the mic around and Oliveri hammers out guttural basslines while Castillo is a hive of activity behind the kit. Focussing heavily upon their It’s In My Blood and Take The Manic Ride records, this may be an exercise in punk rock nostalgia but it cannot be denied that this old workhorse can still “go”.

Bl_ast (8)

A frantic moshpit ensues at the front of the stage with Dinsmore gleefully egging the crowd on, with the punters hanging on his every word. Even members of Denim and Leather get in on the action hurling each other around amongst the audience. The venue may be an intimate one but it is barely able to contain the celebratory atmosphere within it.

Bl_ast (15)


The punishing “Something Beyond” rides another grimy Oliveri bassline with Castillo beating his drums with such vigour he manages to dislodge a fan from the app above him. Without missing a beat he hurls the offending item into the audience who catch it and parade it around like a trophy before dumping it unceremoniously back on-stage.


They may be greying, but this was still a righteous display of exuberance which belied their veteran status.


Bl’ast on Facebook

Denim and Leather on Facebook





Scion AV Rock Fest: Live in Pomona, CA



Scion AV’s annual free music fest, The Rock Fest returns to Pomona, CA after the last one in 2011, and turning the Glass House and Fox Theater into a mini music mecca for the day. The fest is held in a different city each year and bringing it back to Pomona with another strong lineup gave fans something to be excited about once again.



Four venues within the area (The Glass House, The Fox Theater, Sky Fox Lounge, and Acerogami) housed the bands who performed throughout the day. Wristbands for those who RSVP’d for the event were handed out in advance and arranged much better so attendees did not have to wait in long lines like the last time the event was held there.

Sky Fox Lounge and Acerogami were the two smaller venues which held some of the up and comers within the stoner rock, doom and experimental bands on the scene today. Much of the crowd in those venues preferred the intimate atmosphere of those two venues and the more underground vibe of the acts playing within those venues.



Sky Fox Lounge featured such acts as riff rock acts such as MOAB and Lord Dying, sludge/doom acts such as Black Sheep Wall, experimental acts such as Windhand and Jex Thoth, and extreme acts such as Japan’s Coffins, who made a rare US appearance. Fans who congregated at the venue definitely felt the vibe there, and were there to soak in sounds they would not normally get to see.




Acerogami’s lineup was largely lesser known stoner rock and hard rock acts who were making their first time appearances on the West Coast and gaining more exposure thanks to the help of Scion AV. Much of the bands within this room were coming from the stoner rock and doom realms, where bands like Pittsburgh based Pins of Light and San Francisco based Carousel both set the vibe and got the early comers with lots of cool riff sounds and lots of excitement overall. Another San Francisco based act Hot Lunch have quickly become a rising name within the genre circles and put on another strong performance, as did Nashville psychedelic rock act All Them Witches. of the French psychedelic rockers Aqua Nebula Oscillator drew some much curiosity from the attendees and became one of the much talked about acts of the night.


The Glass House held the punk and the experimental acts of the evening. Veteran acts BL’AST featured former Queens of the Stone Age rhythm section Nick Oliveri and Joey Castillo alongside frontman Clifford Dinsmore, blazing through their classic tunes with a mini-pit circling alongside the band. Veteran speed metal/punk outfit Midnight kept the momentum going with the same energy despite the crowd coming and going in between venues. Veteran Bay Area death freaks Exhumed made another one of their regular So Cal appearances and once again put on another powerful set. Power Trip and In Cold Blood both represented the classic crossover hardcore/thrash styles that sometimes get overlooked in the So Cal area. They both played strong sets and gave lessons to the crowd in the genre. Speed metallers Speedwolf and Nekrogoblikon rounded out of the day with early set calls and gave the early attendees a taste of metal that flying under the radar.




The Fox Theatre held the high profile names of the event, with King Buzzo of The Melvins opening with his acoustic set similar to what he previously performed a recent Scion AV event at LA’s Satellite. Big Business followed with a loud and powerful set who are no stranger to the Melvins world. Quite the opposite of King Buzzo’s set, but still made an impact and set the tone for the day.



Orchid’s classic riff rock stylings became the lead into a much anticipated Crowbar appearance, where they grabbed the attention of the crowd and never let down throughout their set. Red Fang followed with their usual set list of heavy riffing and a set full of energy that kept going from Crowbar. High On Fire put on their usually ear bleeding loud set of riff rock tune and also never let go of the crowd.


Headliners Machine Head did an unusually longer set list of songs that spanned across their history and more. Their newest song ‘Killers & Kings’ was featured within their set list, as well as a few songs from each of their albums. A good mix of old and new (and yes “Old” was one of them they played), Machine Head does not disappoint and a longer set from these guys is always a treat to witness.


Overall, Scion AV Rock Fest is a whole lot of music for free during a time when the music world is struggling to attract audiences towards live shows and buying music. Events like these should help attract fans of the genre towards newer bands and getting reacquainted with older bands they may have once enjoyed.

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