The Sword Release “Children Of The Revolution”; First Live Performance Since 2018

The Sword’s triumphant live return from hiatus was scheduled to be with Primus this summer as part of their huge A Tribute To Kings US tour Due to the pandemic, it was postponed to next summer, 2021. The Sword then got creative and so was birthed the “Conquest Of Quarantine” lockdown session. Watch them perform “Children Of The Revolution” right now! Continue reading

Watch Mr. Bungle Play Their First Show in 20 Years and a New Song!

Mr. Bungle performed their first show in almost twenty years last night in Los Angeles at the historic Fonda Theater in Hollywood. Watch fan-filmed footage of the band performing their debut EP The Raging Wrath of the Easter Bunny, a brutal brand new song dubbed ‘Meth”, some inventive covers (Slayer, S.O.D., Siege, Seals and Croft, The Exploited), and more! Continue reading

Down Books Appearance At Graspop Metal Meeting For “NOLA 25 Tour”

The long-rumored Down reunion is in effect for 2020! The first date of a presumed world tour celebrating the Stoner-Doom supergroup’s legendary debut album NOLA releasing twenty-five years ago next year will begin at Graspop Metal Meeting. The band features current and former members of southern metal greats Pantera, EyeHateGod, COC, Crowbar,Honky and more. The fest takes place June 18-20 in Belgium and added seventy new bands to the bill today, including Down. The announcement comes less than a month after singer Philip Anselmo revealed that the band was in talks to reunite in 2020 for some shows in celebration of the 25th anniversary. No word if former members like co-founder Kirk Windstein (Crowbar, Kingdomm of Sorrow, Rex Brown (Pantera), or the recently retired again Todd Strange will participate. Continue reading

Guns N Roses Leaks St. Louis Date For Spring Tour Of The USA

Guns N Roses. Photo credit: Katarina Benzova

Guns N Roses. Photo credit: Katarina Benzova

Rock fans rejoice as Guns N Roses, fresh off the final night of their 2016 “Not In The Lifetime Tour” dropped news on their US fans for 2016. Guitarist Richard Fortus posted to his personal Facebook page, a tour date teaser for St. Louis, Missouri.Continue reading

Watch This Guns N Roses Teaser Video, World Tour Dates For 2017


Guns N Roses. Photo credit: Katarina Benzova

Guns N Roses. Photo credit: Katarina Benzova

The return of the reunited legends Guns N Roses and their “Not In This Lifetime Tour” was the defining rock event of 2016. Now the band is setting their sights on 2017 with this teaser video which you can see below:Continue reading

Smashing Pumpkins Rejoined By Jimmy Chamberlin For Marilyn Manson Tour

smashing pumpkins marilyn manson tour

The Smashing Pumpkins will be joined for their next tour by founding member Jimmy Chamberlin on drums. Led by sole original member Billy Corgan are about to embark on a co-headlining US tour with Marilyn Manson, Corgan approached Chamberlin about the gig while wrapping up an acoustic tour before the next leg.


Corgan told USA today in an interview how he approached Chamberlin to return:

We suddenly found ourselves in the situation of not having anybody lined up. On the group’s first acoustic tour, which will wrap Thursday in Minneapolis, the band’s configuration does not include a drummer. “We knew we could do the acoustic tour with some backing tapes and drum machines, stuff like that, but we’re also looking at the Manson tour in three weeks.”

Chamberlin also commented on the reunion:

He asked if there was any way I’d consider coming back for the tour. It’s a great opportunity not only to celebrate the music, but to celebrate the friendship and the legacy.”

Chamblerin has stated this arrangement is just for the tour and not a permanent reunion. Since leaving the Pumpkins for the third time in 2009, he has focused on bands such as LiveOne and other projects.

Constantly Changing: Chris Hornbrook of Senses Fail/Poison The Well

Chris Hornbrook, photo provided by

Chris Hornbrook, photo provided by

Chris Hornbrookhas been one of the most distinctive drummers in music for almost 20 years. Best known for his work with seminal modern metal innovatorsPoison The Well, in addition to sitting behind the kit forSenses Fail for the last few years, Chris is also known for his work with Big Black Delta and many other live and session gigs. For a guy as accomplished as he is, he comes across as humble and positive; something you can’t say about everyone who has been in the business this time.


Having just reunited with Poison The Well to play two shows, this seemed like a good place to begin:

They were really great and I personally had a blast. The headlining gig was obviously our thing, so that was a bit more fun because we had control over how the show went in terms of venue, lighting, monitors, etc. The set list felt really good, as was the people in the audiences enthusiasm and excitement. Skate and Surf was cool and I had a good time, too. A bit of a shorter set and since it wasn’t our show, the less control over all the variables that can make or break a show. Overall, it was really great.

Poison The Well in 2015, photo by Luis Ruiz

Poison The Well in 2015, photo by Luis Ruiz


We next asked about the spark that brought PTW back together again and if there would be other shows in the future:

I think it had been in the back of heads for a while. We never stopped playing and recording because we didn’t want to create with one another or hated each other’s guts. PTW stopped because it had become too taxing for some and a few of the band members felt like it was time to take a step back. A break was needed. We’ll have to wait and see what happens in the future with other shows. Nothing is confirmed yet.

Looking back, a lot of today’s bands, especially metalcore bands, owe Poison The Well some props at least as one of the originators of the style. We wondered if Chris, when he hears modern bands, does he feels proud, ripped off, or nonplussed?

I mean I would never say we were the originators of the whole “metalcore” thing. There were a ton of bands that came way before us that had laid the ground work down and produced some really interesting and cool stuff. From my perspective, we just wrote the right record at the right time. I think we could modestly take credit for helping popularizing that sound in the early 2000’s. In terms of today’s metalcore scene, I really have no feeling in either direction. I don’t listen to that genre much anymore and if I do dip into something heavy, it’s more of a “boutique” band and/or sound.


Being a band that was innovative and leader in their sub-genre, and then changed radically; sometimes this has the fan base at odds with a band and their creative choices. We asked if Chris agreed or disagreed with this notion:

Thank you and I agree with you. What I’ve come to see and learn is people get very emotionally attached to a record because of where they were in their lives at that point. What that record did to help them out and pull them through whatever time they were having, good or bad. So they REALLY get attached. It’s like they develop a personal and close relationship with that record much like a girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, or wife. Additional to that, people don’t like change, which is something that I find ironic as life is constantly changing. But, we’re creatures of habit and comfort…

So with that being said, when you serve up something that sounds different, you’re normally met with, well, whatever you’re met with. Sometimes good, but more likely than not, critical and bad because it’s not what they envisioned you to do. So PTW just learned not to really care, as being creative, trying new things and pushing into territory that we hadn’t been before became number one. This was advantageous and detrimental all at once.



Senses Fail just wrapped up a spring tour and their new album Pull The Thorns From Your Heart (Pure Noise) drops in about a month. What can fans expect fromthe record?

An extremely heavy record, very different than the bands past work. Once again, this is going to get very polarized responses. I’m trying to approach it the same way I do with PTW, not really caring because negativity can take its toll on you if you let it in.
Over the arc of a long career that started when he was still in high school, Chris has worked with some of the greats in music production. We asked if he had a favorite producer (production team and if there was anyone he’d like to work with given the chance.

Yes, I’m very lucky to have worked with some of the people that I have. I respect all the dudes that I’ve worked with in different ways and have taken different bits from each person, one not superseding the other. Hopefully, I can check off a few more names before I die. I’d really like to work with Steve Albini, Joe Barresi, Ken Andrews, Rick Rubin, Dave Fridmann just to name a few.


Booked for all of 2015 with projects and tours, we asked about his other gigs since he seems to be perpetually working:

Yes! I’m very lucky and stoked to have a full year of work. I’m already starting to hear of plans for next year, which is great. In terms of other projects, I have one with Beau from Saosin, but that’s been put on hold. We’re both really busy at the moment. Hopefully, we can resume sometime towards the end of the year.
Lastly we wanted to know what he does in his down time and what hobbies Chris enjoys

I’m a busy body / work-o-holic. I have to stay busy doing something or I’ll lose my mind. So, with that being said, I generally bounce in between drumming and learning more of that craft, spending time with my girlfriend and friends, and keeping on top of whatever business stuff I have going on. I fill in as much space as I can.
Chris Hornbrook can be seen this summer on the Vans Warped Tourwith Senses Fail. You can follow his other projects and book him for lessons via his website.


Autopsy- Tourniquets, Hacksaws And Graves

Autopsy album cover

Very few reunions in recent years have proven as successful and enriching as the return of death metal flag bearers Autopsy. Proving to be so much more than a trip down memory lane or just a cash cow opportunity, Autopsy’s reestablishment has seen great productivity with this their third full length in four years.

Fans will already know what to expect from a brand new Autopsy album and Tourniquets, Hacksaws And Graves (Peaceville) does not disappoint. Autopsy are not going to be a band known for radical shifts and progression of sound and they don’t need to be when firstly; they were pioneers to begin with, and when their formula is untouchable already. Tourniquets continues in this gnarly, raw and near sludgey death metal vain, but maintains their run of high quality and in fact tops anything that has come from their return. As ferocious as ever, this is also their most consistent (at a top level) album to have come from their reunion without being too drawn out and with nailing their sense of brooding atmosphere, as best as they have done since the Severed Survival and Mental Funeral days.

Having already smashed the notion of the cynical reunions and the difficulty of matching ones previous legacy, Autopsy are consistently proving that not only do they still have teeth but that they capable of matching any of their classic material. Tourniquets Hacksaws And Graves, barring peoples love for nostalgia, should be held in the same esteem as anything they have done before.


Autopsy on Facebook

Chris Tippell