Brent Smith and Eric Bass of Shinedown Discuss Mental Health on the Faster Than Normal Podcast

Brent Smith and Eric Bass of Shinedown were recently guests on the Faster Than Normal Podcast which is hosted by entrepreneur Peter Shankman. The Grammy-award winning band discussed how they channel their energy and create strategies to overcome depression so they can succeed at their musical career. Faster Than Normal is a podcast about Neurodiversity, (i.e., finding the positives around ADHD, ADD, or simply any “different” type of brain). The band revealed they have recently been in the studio working on new music, their first since 2018’s Attention Attention (Atlantic Records) album. Continue reading

Nine Inch Nails – Not The Actual Events

One thing about Trent Reznor, he never seems to get complacent. Part of that is the artist inside of him won’t allow atrophy of his creative muscles very long. The strength of his need to keep growing forward and evolving, Reznor continues an over decade long hot-streak of new and varied output either as a solo artist, entrepreneur, film composer, visual artist, fashion designer, his other band projects such as How To Destroy Angels and of course with Nine Inch Nails.

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