Noisem Releasing Blossoming Decay In Spring


Noisem have a tentative Spring release date for their sophomore album Blossoming Decay via A389 Recordings. The album was recorded by Kevin Bernsten (Developing Nations) with nine songs featured. Check out a preview below.

The Pulse Of Mutilation – An Interview With Full Of Hell

FullOfHell-BandLargeFull Of Hell are nothing if not busy. A plaethora of releases including this year’s Rudiments Of Mutilation (A389 Recordings) and a hellish tour schedule keep the band plowing full speed ahead. Vocalist Dylan Walker talks through a number of topics related to their craft with Ghost Cult’s Matt Hinch.  Continue reading

Riding The Snake – An Interview With Integrity

Integrity 1With their latest release, Suicide Black Snake (A389 Recordings), experimental hardcore outfit Integrity once again underlined their position as one of the most forward thinking bands in their field. Ghost Cult scribe Christine Hager caught up with frontman Dwid Hellion to pride his mind on all things Integrity… Continue reading

Integrity – Suicide Black Snake

Integrity 1Integrity has always been known as one of the strangest hardcore bands for their envelope-pushing (forgive the cliché phrase, I’m drunk) brand of oddity-embracing riff-cannon wielding steaze that has attracted and repelled in equal amounts. Suicide Black Snake (A389 Recordings/Magic Bullet Records) will do little to convince haters that they are willing to change, and even less to convince longtime fans that they are er… willing to change. Yes, Suicide Black Snake is a different entity from other Integrity albums, but just how much so? Continue reading