Slipknot Confirms Identity of Tortilla Man

In a post to social media, Slipknot has confirmed the identity of percussionist Tortilla Man. As widely rumored, and in a story broken by Ghost Cult in 2019 based on reddit sleuthing and a popular YouTuber, Tortilla man is actually multi-instrumentalist Michael Pfaff, of M. Shawn Crahan’s Dirty Little Rabbits band, and The Snacks. Promoting his upcoming Reddit AMA, with Michael holding a handwritten sign in the picture that says: “I Am Michael Pfaff, AMA Wednesday 3/16/22, 2 pm CT”. Tortilla Man joined the band in May of 2019, replacing Chris Fehn, dismissed earlier that year, as the second percussionist in the band. His debut appearance in the band was the video for “Unsainted.”