Slipknot Accidently Confirms Identity of Tortilla Man

In a story Ghost Cult broke and continues to follow Slipknot has tried to hid e the identity of percussionist Tortilla Man, even though there is tons of evidence that that character is none other than musician Michael Pfaff. Pfaff replaced Chris Fehn who was dismissed from the band for suing over his cut of the bands money and alleging corrupt financial dealings by management. Now the band has played their hand by offering Torrilla Man facemasks for sale at their UK . merchandise store on the Digital Stores web site, taking pre-orders for what it is calling the “Pfaff Neck Gaiter Face Cover”. Due to be released on September 25, this neck gaiter features the mask design worn by “Tortilla Man” and is made of elastic soft and breathable fabric. It is available in one size only.*/*/New-Guy-Neck-Gaiter/6N8D0000000