INTERVIEW: The Warning Discuss Their “Error” Album, Tik Tok, and Covering Metallica

Ghost Cult caught up with the sisters – Daniela “Dany“ (vocals, guitars, piano), Paulina “Pau” (drums, vocals, piano), and Alejandra “Ale” Villarreal (bass, piano, backing vocals) a.k.a. The Warning at Aftershock Festival! Hailing from Mexico, the trio released their acclaimed album “ERROR” in 2022 following their explosion of followers supporting their Tik Tok covers, including Metallica and KISS! Then they got to participate in the festivals, and their future plans! Black Album covers release chosen, by Metallica themselves. They discussed their origin story, touring the USA, metal

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INTERVIEW: Billy Graziadei of Biohazard Talks Reunion, New Music from BillyBio, and Powerflo

We chatted with Billy Graziadei of Biohazard to discuss the highly-anticipated reunion of the band’s classic lineup in 2023! Billy discussed the genesis of the reunion, the upcoming tour dates from the band including an exclusive USA date at Blue Ridge Rock Festival, new music, updates on new albums and tours from BillyBio, & Powerflo, and much more!

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PODCAST: Episode – 224 Niklas Sandin of Katatonia Discusses Their New Album “Sky Void of Stars”

Ghost Cult recently held an interview with Niklas Sandin of Katatonia. The band just released their new album – Sky Void of Stars (Napalm Records). Niklas gave us some insights into how the band writes and records albums and their outlook for the future.

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INTERVIEW: Cedrik Davis of Sanguisugabogg on Modern Death Metal and a “Homicidal Ecstasy” Album Breakdown

We caught up with Cedrik Davis of Sanguisugabogg ahead of the release of their new album, “Homicidal Ecstasy” – due out this week via Century Media Records! We chatted about the ascent of the band to the forefront of modern death metal, their varied influences, and a track-by-track analysis of the new album! Continue reading

INTERVIEW: Naga Siren Talks “Cut and Run” – Their Influences, and Their Favorite Hardcore Venues

Naga Siren is a five-piece Hardcore Punk act based in Oslo that plays fast and catchy tunes influenced by American post-Hardcore scene, while also blending it with the nuance of Scandinavian hardcore. They started out as a side project of the members of various other bands: Despereaux, ieatheartattacks, Himmelhøyt, and Oberst. The current lineup is composed of Emil Odd Solbakken (vocals), Oliver David Kimmel (guitar), Tarjei Kristoffersen (guitar), Erik Fossmo (bass), and Steffen Landerud (drums). They released their new single Cut & Run on January 19th, which is highly anticipated.

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INTERVIEW: Mattias Nööjd of Firebreather on Coming to America, Doom Metal, and More


Ghost Cult caught up with Mattias Nööjd of Firebreather! The band was new to America and on the eve of their massive tour with Monolord! They tour Europe later on with High on Fire and others. Their album Dwell In The Fog was newly released at the time of this interview and you can buy it from Riding Easy Records, at the link below. Continue reading

INTERVIEW: Fat Mike on The End of NOFX, His Punk Rock Musicals, And a “Double Album” Breakdown

Ghost Cult recently held an EXCLUSIVE interview with Fat Mike of NOFX! Capping off 2022 and a new album, and playing their farewell tour in 2023 with 40 cities, festivals, and their own Punk in Drublic beer and punk Festivals. Mike was candid as usual discussing sexuality, the music industry, comparing “Single Album” and “Double Album,” The Codefendants, Fat Wreck Chords, spilling the tea on his friendship with Blink 182, and more! Continue reading

INTERVIEW: Sarah Pendelton of The Otolith on The End of SubRosa, and a “Folium Limina” Album Breakdown


Ghost Cult caught up with Sarah Pendelton of The Otolith! Comprised of former members of SubRosa: Kim Cordray, Levi Hanna, Andy Patterson, and Pendleton; with the addition of Matt Brotherton on bass, the band carved out a masterful debut. The sound of the group advances the beloved Subrosa style on their debut “Folium Limina,” out now via Blues Funeral Recordings. Sarah talked candidly about the end of SubRosa, the birth of the new band, their debut performances, songwriting, a track-by-track analysis of the album, and much more!

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PODCAST: Episode #220 – Leather Leone on “We Are The Chosen” – The End of Chastain, and Heavy Metal History

Ghost Cult caught up with singer Leather Leone to discuss her new solo album – “We Are The Chosen” out now via Steamhammer/SPV! Leather has an over 40-year career in music worth investigating, and we went deep on her history, her new album, her time as the voice of Chastain, her past other groups, how she maintains her voice, touring and metal festivals, her love for Ronnie James Dio, and much more!

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INTERVIEW: Tommy Victor of Prong on Their Next Album, Touring with Danzig, and More

Ghost Cult caught up with frequent interviewee and metal legend Tommy Victor of Prong! We were at Aftershock festival where Tommy was doing double duty with Prong and Danzig this weekend. Tommy discussed touring with his own band and Danzig, the US festival circuit, performing an album in full live versus a legacy “hits” set, the challenges of playing the classic Danzig guitar solos by John Christ, the progress of the new Prong album, and more!

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