Flotsam And Jetsam Books Summer 2021 West Coast U.S. Tour

Legendary Thrash Metal band Flotsam And Jetsam have announced a brief tour of the USA, focusing on West Coast dates this summer. The “Brace For Impact Summer Tour 2021” kicks off on August 17th at Albuquerque, New Mexico, and ends on August 28th in Mesa, Arizona. Flotsam And Jetsam released its 14th album, Blood In The Water (read our review here), on June 4 via AFM Records.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Fear Factory – Aggression Continuum

It’s been well documented that the road to Aggression Continuum (Nuclear Blast Records), the latest album from Californian cyber-metallers Fear Factory, has been strewn with obstacles, challenges, and all manner of highly publicised internal disputes. Since its recording, the band has endured a lengthy legal battle which concluded with the departure of vocalist Burton C Bell, and saw guitarist, songwriter, and current studio bassist Dino Cazares winning the rights to the Fear Factory name via auction.

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Ex Deo Drops New Video, Announces “The Thirteen Years Of Nero” Album

Symphonic Death Metal band Ex Deo is back with their first new music since 2017’s The Immortal Wars, a single and video for “Imperator” from their upcoming new album, The Thirteen Years Of Nero, out August 27, 2021 via Napalm Records! Check out “Imperator” now and pre-order the album at the link below!

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ALBUM REVIEW: Inhuman Condition – Rat God

While all things toxic (waste; holocausts; um, waltzing) have long been a regular bedfellow for the lyric writers and album cover artists that inhibit the pungent worlds of Thrash and Death Metal, it also lurks in another sense; behind the scenes and pervading the environment of many bands relationships. Escaping the cryptic realms of one such biohazard of a relationship was a necessity for legendary bassist Terry Butler (Obituary, Death, Six Feet Under), guitarist Taylor Nordberg (Wombath, Ribspreader), and vocalist/drummer Jeramie Kling (Venom-Inc, Goregang, The Absence). Continue reading

Sven Gross, Vocalist of German Death Metallers Fleshcrawl Has Died, Age 44

Horrible news has come down as legendary German Death Metal vocalist Sven Gross of Fleshcrawl has died. He was just 44 years old. Sven died after only a one-year battle with cancer. The news was broken by the band in a heartfelt message on social media. The second main vocalist of the band, Sven joined in time for the Bloodred Massacre album and provided lead vocals on nine other albums, including 2019’s Into the Catacombs of Flesh (Apostasy Records), and an unreleased demo EP due out this summer. Sven was not only a great vocalist, but a dynamic presence live, if you had ever seen him. We send our condolences to his family, friends, and fans at this time.

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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO PREMIERE: Fallen Stars – Vicious Cycle

Vancouver Rock and Heavy Metal band Fallen Stars have dropped a new single and video for their track “Vicious Cycle.” The band will release their new full-length album Execution June 18th 2021, with more details to follow. The clip tells a personal story, but the heavy, ripping track also conjures a lot of feelings. This is a band that has a little something for every type of heavy music fan, so check em out!

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C-Squared Podcast – Episode #75 – with Jeff Pearce

C2 is a new podcast series from the minds of Curtis Dewar (Dewar PR), Cori Westbrook focusing on helping bands with their music marketing, sales, and promotion. Curtis and Cori are frequently joined by Holly Royle and Gaia Guarda who both have recently joined forces with them in C Squared. In this episode of the podcast, Curtis, Cori, and Gaia chat with ambient artist Jeff Pearce.Continue reading

Super7 Toys Releases New Iron Maiden, Motörhead, and Venom ReAction Figures

Super7 Toys has announced a new series of ReAction Figures with packaging and design that pays homage to old import metal albums! New figures for Iron Maiden, Motörhead, Venom join their line of music legends and toys. In addition to the figures, Super7 has released a Slayer Live undead playset as well as figures based on classic albums by Black Sabbath, Queen, Biggie Smalls, and more! Other reaction figures in the line include Ozzy Osbourne, Misfits, Ghost, Iron Maiden, Slayer, Agnostic Front, Anthrax, Motörhead, Venom, Gorilla Biscuits, King Diamond, Megadeth, Rancid, Judas Priest, and many more! Order right now since these usually sell out.

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Devin Townsend is In The Studio Recording “Lightworker” Right Now- and Has Booked European Tour Dates

Devin Townsend has updated fans on his goings-on in the studio and with future plans! He is currently recording his new album Ligfhtworker with producer GGGarth Richardson at his The Farm Studios in Vancouver BC. The album is expected out for release in 2022 via InsideOut Music, Devin’s longtime label. Hre has also booked a tour to support the album, his first in a two years by the time of the dates. The “Lightwork Tour 2022” will go on sale Monday, June 14th, 11am CET and can be ordered at the link below. Devy has been busy during the pandemic releasing a live album, new music, hosting a plethora of livestreams and more.

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