Matt Pike Says New High on Fire, and His Debut Solo Album Are in Progress

Events Center, Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, NV 8/16/19

In a new interview on Gimme Metal with Jim Santanella, Matt Pike discussed the progress of the new album from High on Fire, a new solo project, and more. According to Pike, High on Fire is in the progress of writing their new album for a hopeful late 2021 release. The band is recording with drummer Chris Maggio who joined the band as a live drummer following the departure of Des Kensel in July 2019. The new HoF album will be the follow up to their Grammy-Award winning 2018 album Electric Messiah (eOne). He also says writing and recording for his long-in-the-making solo album is underway as well, although no timetable for release is set. Pike also remarked that his legendary Stoner doom band SLEEP is still on hiatus, but all the members are on good terms and drummer Jason Roeder (Neurosis) just moved to the area near him, in Portland, Oregon. Pike gave deeper details to Santanella about the history of High On Fire since their album The Art Of Self Defense is getting the double LP rerelease treatment from the Gimme Metal Vinyl club this month. Watch a trailer and join the club at the link below.

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LIVESTREAM REVIEW: Avatar Ages Review – Chapter 2: Illusions


Avatar is not your ordinary metal band. Melding crushing melodic groove metal with humor and mysticism, Avatar creates something new and intriguing that breaks the mold. For the second performance of their epic 4-part “Avatar Ages” livestream event, dubbed “Illusions”, the band performed fan-voted tracks off their records Feathers and Flesh (2016) and Avatar Country (2018).

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REVIEWS ROUND-UP: Heavy Metal Roundup: Saber, Konquest, and Midnight Spell


SaberWithout Warning (1/1)

It’s pretty easy to compare Saber to their fellow Californians in Haunt. In addition to playing a similarly polished Heavy Metal style, the band has released their debut album through Trevor William Church’s record label with Church himself even playing the drums on a sessional basis. Fortunately, Saber is able to set themselves apart by means of over-the-top vocals and faster tempos on songs like ‘Strike Of The Witch’ and the appropriately titled ‘Speed Racer.’ There’s certainly room for further development, especially given that Without Warning is less than a half-hour long, but it’s a fun listen for fans of groups like Cauldron and Riot City.

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7 / 10

Konquest The Night Goes On (1/8)

Konquest is a one-man project from Tuscany whose first full-length album makes no bones about their Iron Maiden worship. The vocals have a more workman quality in comparison, but the guitar harmonies are on point and the bass gets plenty of chances to let out some Steve Harris-style flourishes. The songwriting is also well-executed as songs like the title track and ‘Helding Back The Tears’ (Not a typo?) are packed with catchy Eighties-friendly hooks while ‘Heavy Heart’ and ‘The Vision’ hint at more Epic Metal aspirations. The latter’s musical lifts from ‘Hallowed Be Thy Name’ are a bit much, but it’s in good fun. I also keep wanting to write their name as Kong Quest, which just makes me want to play through Donkey Kong Country 2 again. Fun stuff.


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8 / 10

Midnight SpellSky Destroyer (1/8)

In a way similar to recent efforts from groups like RAM and Ambush, Midnight Spell’s first album is a grab-bag of Classic Metal tropes. Tracks like ‘Lady Of The Moonlight’ and ‘To The Stars’ seem inspired by the likes of Dokken with their borderline Glam hooks and anthemic pacing while ‘Cemetery Queen’ is the token occult number taking influence from Mercyful Fate and the title track goes for all-out Speed Metal. The rather meat and potatoes presentation risks coming off as too plain, but the musicianship is tight and the fantastic earworms on songs like ‘Midnight Ride’ just can’t be ignored. It’s a bit more polished than your typical Traditional Metal debut, but it manages to be endearing in its own right.

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8 / 10



Dumb and Dumbest Episode #558: Marc Schapiro on his Career in The Music Business

Matt is joined by music industry expert Marc Shapiro to discuss his career working at labels such as Ipecac Recordings, Cooking Vinyl, Kscope, and more! Dumb and Dumbest Episode #558 features Marc Schapiro on his Career in The Music Business!The podcast is hosted by Matt Bacon (Dropout Media, Ripple Music, Prophecy Productions), and Music Publicist Curtis Dewar (Dewar PR). Continue reading

FEVER 333 Share New Music Video for “Wrong Generation”- ft. Travis Barker

Artists and political activists FEVER 333 have shared their new music video for “Wrong Generation”, the title track for their new EP out now! The video, which was directed by Djay Brawner, sees Travis Barker joining in on drums and is streaming now on the band’s official YouTube channel.

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Ghost Cult is proud to present the brand new music video for Doom Metal band WitchTit’s current single, “Crimson Tide!” Coming out of the deep Raleigh, North Carolina metal scene with their saw blade riffs and other-worldly vocals, the band seamlessly melds the classic tones of the genre, a flair for Heavy Metal grooves, with a modern touch, all at once. Shot and edited by director Patrick Wigington, the trippy performance video will definitely set the mood for your smoke and jam sessions during these unforgiving winter months. The track comes off of their upcoming new album, Intoxicating Lethargy, due out on March 12th, 2021. Watch “Crimson Tide” right now!


Intoxicating Lethargy tracklisting:

01 WitchTit – Silver Tongue

02 WitchTit – Crimson Tide

03 WitchTit – Intoxicating Lethargy

04 WitchTit – Traveler

05 WitchTit – Home Invasion


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GHOST CULT PRESENTS: Mini-Metal Mixtape #13

Metal and Coffee’s Mini-Metal Mixtape, presented by Ghost Cult Magazine is back with a new episode. Time to get your weekly dose an essential mix of the newest extreme music by essential bands and a few classics. This edition created and hosted by Ebonie Butler a.k.a, Metal & Coffee features Gatecreeper, Cult of Luna, Emma Ruth Rundle and Thou, Skyhardbor and more!. In her 12-year journey as an extreme metal DJ, Metal & Coffee has delved into the depths of the heavy music world to bring you a new mix each week. Metal & Coffee has been featured on Philadelphia’s most popular college radio station, WKDU 91.7 FM, and has also spent time as the resident New Releases DJ over on GIMME METAL. Stream the newest playlist right now!

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ALBUM REVIEW: Gravehuffer – NecroEcolosion

The first word that comes to mind when listening to Gravehuffer’s new album NecroEcolosion (Black Doomba Records) is “fun”. Gravehuffer takes us on a journey through many different styles. Their versatility and ability not to be genre bound is on full display with this entry.

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Metallica Producer Bob Rock Sells His Royalty Rights to Hipgnosis Songs Fund

Former longtime Metallica producer Bob Rock who worked on iconic albums from “The Black Album (Metallica), Load, Reload, Garage Inc., S&M, and St. Anger has sold his rights to “The Black Album”, among other pieces of music he helmed in the studio. Hipgnosis Songs Fund, an investment and song management company, acquired a total of 43 songs from Rock, who produced Metallica’s ‘90s discography and 2003’s St. Anger.

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