EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Claustrofobia Shares their Version of Pantera’s “Strength Beyond Strength”

Brazilian Thrash Death Metallers Claustrofobia have released an incredible cover of Pantera’s “Strength Beyond Strength” – recorded entirely in their native Portuguese. No less brutal than the original, “Força Além da Força”, is a great tribute the Pantera classic from the album Far Beyond Driven (East West/ Elektra) the first metal album to debut at #1 on the Billboard charts. The cover also comes with a killer lyric video, produced, directed and edited by Caio D`Angelo. Watch it now, here at Ghost Cult!

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Anathema Gives an Update on Their New Project – Weather Stations, Daniel Cavanaugh’s Heath, and Their GoFundMe


TW for metal illness, suicide, and similar issues.

Anathema has been officially on hiatus for two years and it was thought to be over a musical project. The band launched a new related band Weather Stations during the pandemic, meant to be a vessel for new music and creative covers of Anathema songs with new singers. They also launched a GoFundMe to help frontman Daniel Cavanaugh who has struggled through mental heal issues and a suicide attempt. In addition to a slew of new and familiar tracks, the band relelased a cover of Pink Floyd’s classic “Shine On You Crazy Diamond.” Read the post from the bandContinue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Fracture Type – Pickaxe

On the right night, if you walk out from North Quincy Station, past the “brutalist McDonalds,” following the funk towards Wollaston Beach, you might come across a house that seems to be pulsing. On a night like that, if you fight your way through the mass of burly beards, skateboarders, and pitbulls and take a sonic blast to the face, you’ll find yourself in Ugly Robot Studios, and if you’re lucky, you’ll be treated to a front-row performance of Fracture Type. Continue reading

Rock Supergroup Projected Releases Second Single and Video, “Stain” – New Album Incoming

Rock and metal supergroup Projected today released “Stain” – the latest track from their upcoming album Hypoxia, out June 24th via Rat Pak Records. The charged-up single comes in right away with a galloping snare beat before the band quickly soars into the chorus, with John Connolly’s (Sevendust) vocals and layered guitars setting the bedrock. The powerful track juxtaposes a message of navigating a wide array of emotions with a video of a lone astronaut, trying to find his way after a brutal touchdown on a foreign planet. The upcoming album features 13 brand new songs from the group consisting of Connolly, Alter Bridge/Creed drummer Scott Phillips, Sevendust bassist Vince Hornsby and Tremonti guitarist Eric “E-ROCK” Friedman. Check out the video for “Stain” here:

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Watch a Pro-Shot Video of Metallica Playing “Battery” in Brazil

Metallica has shared yet another pro-shot video of the band performing a classic song in concert from their current tour of South America! Watch them play “Battery” on their recent tour stop in Brazil right now, and catch up on other videos they have shared from the tour! The bands’ next gig is BottleRock Napa and Boston Calling next week!

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PODCAST: C-Squared Podcast – Aliyah and Curtis Interview Jelena Taylor

C2 is a new podcast series from the minds of Curtis Dewar (Dewar PR), Cori Westbrook focusing on helping bands with their music marketing, sales, and promotion. Curtis and Cori are frequently joined by Holly Royle, Aliyah Daye, and Gaia Guarda who both have recently joined forces with them in C Squared. In this episode of the podcast Aliyah and Curtis interview artist Jelena Taylor.Continue reading

PODCAST: Glacially Musical Episode #79: King Diamond “The Eye” and Mercyful Fate “Return of The Vampire”

The Glacially Musical Pouredcast is a weekly Podcast that has three principles: Beer, Metal, and Swearing (and also vinyl)! Hosted by Nik Cameron – grown out of the Glacially Musical blog is all about great music and vinyl collecting. Once per week Ghost Cult’s Chief Ghost Cult Keefy joins Nik as they kickoff their next series – King Diamond and Mercyful Fate albums of the 1990s.

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