USBM evil conjurers Sahhr have released their new video ‘Slay The Savior’ from their just released debut self-titled EP. Birthed into the world on Halloween, this California based group is made of members of notable bands such as Skull And Bullets, Dowager, Scarecrow and Unwritten Law. Ghost cult has partnered with our eternally devious comrades over at Earsplit PR for the premiere. 

Watch the video below:


The impressive video was Co-Directed by Jamie Phillips & Dale Pavinski for “GORILLA Punk Productions”.

Guitarist Aarsoth says of the video—

“The video was shot in one day in an abandoned warehouse in the ghettos of LA. where a known serial killer had brought victims. There was dried blood and syringes everywhere. We broke in and just shot guerrilla style. It stunk of death, was over 100 degrees..all the cameras stopped working and the candles melted. Several of us were arrested as we finished..brilliant.”


Official Press Release:

With the official unveiling of their debut, self-titled three-track EP looming, Cvlt Nation offers up a taste of “Altar Of Maggots” from Los Angeles blackened death miscreants,SAHHR, for mass consumption.

Written by vocalist Ryllyeh and guitarist Aarsoth and recorded at Lot 54 Studio in Huntington Beach, California by Dylan-James Ehren Brock (Ghost Of Abel, Skull And Bullets, Dowager, Intestinal Buffet), SAHHR combines all the primary rudiments of black metal, death metal and metalcore into an infernal mix of unrepentant audio plague fit for fervent devotees of Watain, 1349, Goatwhore and Lamb Of God.

Relays Ryllyeh of the heinous hymn on deck, “‘Altar Of Maggots’ is a diabolical epic of anger, delivered in a concise, blackened package. An anti-theological anthem shouted to the war gods of old.”

Adds Cvlt Nation, “This song delivers a vastness of filth surround by melodic ghosts head banging to the pound of their grim drums!”

Featuring past and current members of Skull And Bullets, Dowager, Scarecrow and Unwritten Law, SAHHR formed earlier this year by singer/songwriter Ryllyeh. A veteran of the New York City punk and metal scenes since the early 1980s, Ryllyeh’s (AKA-Joe Truck, also a world renowned tattoo artist) past musical endeavors include time spent in ‘80s deathrock bands Scarecrow and Braineaters, the latter of which included ex-Samhain guitarist, Damien. He also plays bass and screams in doom heavyweights-Dowager. Ryllyeh united with guitarist Aarsoth earlier this year and instantly began composing what would become the trio of tracks occupying the EP.

Blackened is the end, but in the case of California’s SAHHR, that doesn’t mean a narrow artistic vision in getting there. Their debut self-titled EP deftly blends an unlikely mix of influences; each track begins in a completely different place than where it ultimately ends… Groove and grimness come together in a very cohesive way here. ‘Blackened’ can allow for far more experimentation and exploration of influences than committing fully to the corpse-painted antics of full-on black metal, and SAHHR are throwing an exciting combination of sounds at the wall. Luckily, all of it sticks, and we’re eager to hear where this band takes their sonic assault in the future.” – Metal Insider

Sahhr will be released digitally on October 31st, 2014 at THIS LOCATION and on CD via Domestic Genocide in November. A host of special Halloween in Hell.


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Prosthetic Records will be hosting a Holiday Party at Saint Vitus Bar in Brooklyn, NY on Thursday, December 4, 2014 featuring Junius and So Hideous. Prior to the show’s start, ticket holders will have access to an exclusive listening party from 8-9 pm featuring some of the labels most-lauded singles as well as some newer, previously unheard material in addition to being the first to taste the label’s exclusive collaborative brew with Sixpoint Brewery – Prosthetic Imperial Black Ale.

Tickets for the showcase (21+ only) are currently available online for only $15 & also include a limited-edition hand screened poster featuring collaborative artwork by JUNIUS and PROSTHETIC as shown above. Posters will be received upon entry, until supplies last!

Check out Junius’ stream of “Days of the Fallen Sun” here. Listen to a full stream of So Hideous’ Last Poem/First Light here.

junius so hideous


A few years back, Reading metallers Malefice were hailed as one of Britain’s greatest hopes to make waves; and with the patronage of some influential metal figures and a penchant for colossal grooves it was unsurprising. Fast forward to the present day and whilst some of their peers such as Sylosis and The Defiled have grown bigger and bigger, Malefice seemed to get left behind despite (or perhaps because of) their refusal to stagnate, their 2011 album Awaken The Tides (Metal Blade) especially being a slight curveball with a change of vocal delivery and a greater focus on melody.

Latest EP Gravitas is their first release since a brief hiatus that followed  2012’s Five (both Transcend) and finds them invigorated and back on full throttle. This is back to writing the same kind of grooves that once saw them spoken in the same breath as the likes of Devildriver, but at the same time is not just a back to basics effort. Throughout there are slight shades of a tech metal tone, reminiscent of Heart Of A Cowards straight for the throat usage, keeping towards pit fodder rather than prog drifting. Their ace once again proves to be vocalist Dale Butler who sounds as passionate and genuinely pissed off as ever.

This may only be a brief four track EP, but for a returning band this is a great statement of intent, and evidence that they could still have the bright future that perhaps eluded them to this day.

A soaring return to one of Britain’s true juggernauts.


Malefice on Facebook



Horrified - Descent Into Putridity album cover

Death Metal is a scene that welcomes reverence to the masters and is happy in its conservatism, providing certain aesthetics are adhered to. So, set your HM2 pedals to stun as Newcastle’s (England) Horrified pay tribute with grand devotion at the altar of Entombed  as they channel the Sunlight Studios spirit to the max on their crunky Death Metal debut Descent Into Putridity (Momento Mori).

‘Tomb Of Rebirth’ lurches into aural consciousness with a crawling opening riff not entirely dissimilar to ‘Dismembered’ by, um, Dismember, from the legendary Like An Everflowing Stream (Nuclear Blast), before the pace is picked up, and Horrified churn down the Left Hand Path (Earache). The lo-fi production gives a sense of timelessness, like this album could have been a product of the Scandinavian Death Metal explosion of the early 90’s. This is also to their detriment at times, as the power and scything rage of closer ‘Repugnant Degeneration’ is hamstrung by a biscuit tin snare and disappearing toms, while the double kicks sound like a 1970’s typewriter.

But the production is only a small element, and adds to the homage Horrified undertake. Dan Alderson’s sandpapered-throat pitches around the Martin van Drunen mark, and helps draw ‘Narcolepsy’ into the Consuming Impulse (Roadrunner) ballpark, before the song swerves off via Leprosy – era Death (Relapse) and ‘Fall From Grace’ (Blessed Are The Sick, Earache) style Morbid Angel tectonics, raging to a close.

Diversity is not necessarily the name of the game here, but neither have we ventured into the land of the pony with one trick, as a slew of gratifying vari-paced old school riffs tick various boxes, with Horrified parading and espousing an obvious love of classic, dirty Death Metal to their benefit.  As the band name may suggest there are also plenty of Repulsion references in some of the grindier and grimier passages, such as the blast that opens of ‘Veil Of Souls’.

You do have to be careful with Death Metal as it’s very easy to end up with a collection filled with thousands of bands not saying anything new or exciting, but all churning out decent enough music that references, but doesn’t better, the greats. That said, a quick dip and a descent into putridity is a good a way to spend half an hour as any.



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Babylon Whores are the single most underrated band of all time, and Cold Heaven (Misanthropy, though recently re-released on vinyl by Svart) is the greatest undiscovered gem of all albums, so it is with anticipation most foul that Sleep of Monsters’ debut Produces Reason (Svart) saunters into our musical consciousness, being as it is the new vehicle for the distinctive crushed velvet pipes of Ike Vil, former ‘Whores mainman.

It can often be unfair to compare a new venture to a participants old wares, but when the vocal cords are as instantly recognisable and perception shaping as Vil’s it’s hard not to. Accompanied by songwriter and guitarist Sami Hassinen (Blake) and former members of Waltari and HIM, Produces Reason kicks off with a pair of rockers, as if Ike’s former occult troupe had been polished by the HIM hit machine, ‘Nihil Nihil Nihil’ dark, catchy and understated, with a strong vocal chorus hook.

As the album unveils, the rock element is toned down and replaced by a more gothic, sedate feel, led by Vil’s characteristic delivery and melancholic lines, and flashes of Sisters of Mercy, Beastmilk and even Simple Minds decorate their Gothic rock. ‘Christsonday’ liberally dips its toe into Queensryche’s ‘Eyes Of A Stranger’ and emerges with the guitar motif intact, dropping the familiar lick over their death rock, while ‘Magick Without Tears’, the true closer for this album (additional track ‘I Am The Night, Colour Me Black’ is superfluous and dynamically doesn’t work) kneads in the vocal talents of the “Furies”, a trio of female vocalists whose harmonies proliferate the album at various points, over a Pink Floydian organ-led flick.

Managing to retain the core elements of its participants former endeavours, weaving and celebrating their individual talents and ideosyncracies, Sleep of Monsters have produced a credible dark pop debut, reflecting the pasts of its’ creators, and one that leaves the promise of something even more grandiose and fruitful in their future.



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WITTR Band shot - Copy

Since their inception, Wolves In The Throne Room has made black metal music concerned with the natural world. The band has in the past referred to this as a primal, spiritual aspect to your music. In Part II of Richie H-R’s interview with Aaron Weaver, we learn what this means to him and his brother Nathan:


Our music deals with the unseen world – the world behind the veil. I think all music does to a degree, but we do so very explicitly. It’s on the top of our minds when we make music, and of course that realm doesn’t have the same concepts and ideas and tropes and limitations that the regular world, the everyday world, does.”

To what extent is this “unseen world” an allegory, and what to extent is it objective truth?

Well, it’s both. We’re modern people. Of course we can’t deny the reality of the scientific method, and we can’t deny the reality of the laws of physics; this is how the world works, this is the lens we have to look through. But for us as individuals, we also see another reality. We also see a world of energies, entities and spirits that’s just beyond. Shift your consciousness a little bit and this whole other vista opens up, this whole expanse. Think about an experience like… a lot of people today are experimenting with Ayahuaska, the South-American psychedelic brew. When people have these experiences they encounter entities, spirits and forces that feel very much outside themselves and it creates a really powerful ontological question – are there entities, are there spirits out there that have their own existence, their own agenda, or are these things just projections of our own psyches, things that are inside of ourselves, and we’re just looking inside at aspects of our consciousness projected? The answer is both. Or, perhaps more accurately, it doesn’t matter. Trying to pin it down, trying to say it is this or it is that, that’s not a useful stance for me. The important thing to me is experience, whether it’s a musical experience or going out and having an experience in the forest, living life, just being with it and taking it for what it is, letting it take you where it will.”


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Swedish metal band Tribulation has signed with Century Media Records and is currently recordings their third full length album, due April 2015, following an appearance on an upcoming North American tour with Behemoth and Cannibal Corpse.

The band comments:

“We are very pleased to announce that we have signed a worldwide deal with Century Media Records. Our journey has been slow but steady, but it is now time for us to stretch our black wings further throughout the world and we are sure that Century Media Records is the label that can help us do that.

Die Todten reiten schnell…* In early December we will once again enter the studio, this time to record our third album. We have covered ourselves in the darkness of the divine and the ghastly and have emerged with something that we truly believe in. Though it is an album that is in every inch TRIBULATION, expect nothing and let the music take you to the unexpected. It is a journey in its own right, for us to travel with the music that we make and at each turn it takes we are closing in on a goal that is hopefully forever out of our reach. Thus, we now prepare to die to let a new shape of the vampyre return in 2015.”

(* Gottfried August Bürger, 1773)

Johannes Andersson – Bass, Vocals
Adam Zaars – Guitars
Jonathan Hultén – Guitars
Jakob Ljungberg – Drums

Jan 28: House of Blues – New Orleans, LA
Jan 29: House of Blues – Houston, TX
Jan 30: Mohawk – Austin, TX
Jan 31: House of Blues – Dallas, TX
Feb 02 Sunshine Theater – Albuquerque, NM
Feb 03: The Summit Music Hall – Denver, CO
Feb 05: The Complex – Salt Lake City, UT
Feb 06: House of Blues – Las Vegas, NV
Feb 07: The Observatory – Santa Ana, CA
Feb 08: The Fillmore – San Francisco, CA
Feb 10: El Corazon – Seattle, WA
Feb 11: Comodore Ballroom – Vancouver, BC
Feb 13: Union Hall – Edmonton, AB
Feb 14: MacEwan Hall – Calgary, AB
Feb 16: The Garrick – Winnipeg, MB
Feb 17: Mill City Nights – Minneapolis, MN
Feb 18: Orpheum Theatre – Madison, WI
Feb 20: House of Blues – Chicago, IL
Feb 21: Egyptian Room – Indianapolis, IN
Feb 22: House of Blues – Cleveland, OH
Feb 23: St. Andrews Hall – Detroit, MI
Feb 24: The Phoenix – Toronto, ON
Feb 25: Metropolis – Montreal, QC
Feb 27: House of Blues – Boston, MA
Feb 28: Webster Hall – New York, NY
Mar 01: Theatre of the Living Arts – Philadelphia, PA
Mar 02: The Fillmore – Silver Spring, MD
Mar 03: The Fillmore – Charlotte, NC
Mar 05: Masquerade – Atlanta, GA
Mar 06: Janus Landing – Tampa, FL
Mar 07: Revolution – Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Apr 17-19:, Neurotic Deathfest – Tilburg, NL
Jun 18-20:, Tons of Rock – Halden, NO
Jun 21: Hellfest Open Air 2015 – Clisson, FR

More dates and festivals to be announced soon.


In conjunction with Joe Perry of Aerosmith’s new book, ROCKS: My Life In and Out of Aerosmith, out now via Simon & Schuster, they will be running a social media contest, with one winner receiving a person, five minute phone call from Perry himself.

Here is the info:

Calling all AEROSMITH fans.

How does a phone call from JOE PERRY sound?

The New York Times best-selling author is staging a social media contest whereby one lucky winner will receive a personal, five-minute phone call from the AEROSMITH co-founder. To qualify for the contest, entrants need to pose holding their copy of ROCKS: My Life In and Out of Aerosmith, show where they display it in your home, lean it against their favorite guitar, let their pet curl up with it for a nap, really…anything goes (but keep it clean, please). Other prizes include two second prize winners will each get a “Rock Your World” t-shirt and a bottle of “Rock Your World” sauce signed by Joe, while three third prize winners will each get a bottle of “Rock Your World” sauce also signed by Joe. Snap a quick photo and post it on Twitter (@JoePerry) or Instagram (@JoePerryOfficial), be sure to hashtag #JoePerryROCKS between Tuesday, November 25 and Friday, December 5 at midnight (ET) for a chance to win. Winners will be chosen at random and announced the week of December 8.


Ingested has released a lyric video for “The Divine Right Of Kings,” off their The Architect Of Extinction album, out January 12, 2015 in Europe and January 27, 2015 (digital only) via Century Media Records. Watch it here.

The Architect Of Extinction was mixed by Christian Donaldson (Cryptopsy) and features artwork by Toshihiro Egawa.

The Architect Of Extinction track-listing:
1. The Divine Right Of Kings
2. Narcissistic Apathy
3. Endless Despondency
4. The Heirs To Mankind’s Atrocities
5. I, Despoiler
6. Penance
7. A Nightmare Incarnate
8. Extinction Event
9. Amongst Vermin
10. Rotted Eden