In the wake of two earthquakes that have devastated the people of Nepal, a collective of Boston-area promoters, bands and music industry people have come together, to create the Metal For Nepal Benefit Concert. Held at the Middle East Night Club in Cambridge MA on June 20th, the concert will be headlined by Obsidian Tongue, followed by Native Construct, Caricature, Sonic Pulse and BruteMukti. The show is $10 and will be All Ages. All proceeds go to relief funds. You can get tickets online here:

Link to the Facebook Event for Metal For Nepal here:

All proceeds collected will go toward the Jai Nepal Youth Club, No Silence for Nepal, WHR Nepal and Reaping Hope


Event co-promoter Kunan Joshi captured the essence of the current plight of Nepal earthquake victims:

“Remote villages and settlements are still untouched as a result of earthquake and landslides making access to these places very risky and limited. What we are trying is to provide these places with immediate relief. A dollar in Nepal converts to NRs 100 so a $100 in Nepal is NRs. 10,000 which is a lot of money there.”

“The issue right now is that if you send aid to some of the existing orgs, ngo, and ingos collecting funds, those funnel into the Prime Minister fund.”

“As of press time the Prime Minster fund has received millions of dollars so far, but there isn’t a plan yet to move to action those funds into tangible help. No public statement has been made yet on a timetable to disperse the funds to organizations that can help, especially people in remote regions who are suffering badly. We have a mission to help as much as we can, as fast as we can. Literally every friend is on the field. So that’s the best way to help now: equip them with funds, medicines and supplies to help people right now at this crucial time following the earthquakes.”

Event co-promoter Kevin Brown commented on the mission of Metal For Nepal:

From the music that drives our hearts and minds, to the scene that we are the water to its rivers, we want to use our passion to help those on the other side of the world. Nepal’s rivers are dirty with what’s left of their shattered worlds, and we can use our rivers to help clarify theirs, put their worlds back together. Metal for Nepal is our desalinization plant, our efforts to cleanse what we can as we mosh and head-bang the day away.”


There is also a benefit compilation organized by Metal for Nepal performers BruteMukti featuring Nepalese metal bands dubbed Nepal Earthquake Relief. You can donate and download the collection from Bandcamp here: 

Many record labels, music publicity firms and music industry people have pledged to donate resources. More information, including a direct donate link will be available soon.


Obsidian Tongue on Facebook

Native Construct on Facebook

Caricature on Facebook

Sonic Pulse on Facebook

BruteMukti on Facebook

For more information on how you can contribute to Metal For Nepal, please contact:

Kunjan Joshi

Kevin Brown

Erik Wormwood of Wormwood Joint

Keith Chachkes of Ghost Cult Magazine



jungle rot 2015 promo_638

Veteran death metallers Jungle Rot will be releasing their ninth full length album Order Shall Prevail on June 30, 2015 via Victory Records. The song “Paralyzed Prey” can be streamed below.

The band will be on this summer’s Rockstar Mayhem Festival, and have also unveiled a number of off dates.

Jun 23: Black Sheep – Colorado Springs, CO
Jun 24: Club X – Salt Lake City, UT
Jun 29: The Panic Room – Portland, OR
Jul 02: The Dive Bar – Las Vegas, NV
Jul 05: 89th Street Collective – Oklahoma City, OK
Jul 06: The Riot Room – Kansas City, MO
Jul 09: Fubar – St. Louis, MO
Jul 14: Broadway Joe’s – Buffalo, NY
Jul 16: L’Alize – Montreal, QC
Jul 27: The Maywood – Raleigh, NC
Jul 28: New Mountain – Asheville, NC
Jul 30: Hot Shots – Shreveport, LA

jungle rot prevailcd

Order Shall Prevail track listing:
01: Doomsday
02: Paralyzed Prey
03: Blood Revenge
04: Fight Where You Stand (Featuring Max Cavalera)
05: Order Shall Prevail
06: The Dead Pestilence
07: I Cast The First Stone
08: E.F.K.
09: Trench Tactics
10: Nuclear Superiority

Black Pussy Magic Mustache album cover

Black Pussy, who released a new album Magic Mustache (Made In China Records) in February, has faced opposition and defaming due to the bands name involving protests over whether or not their name is offensive. The protests included a Change.org petition, show cancellations, and even personal threats against the band online. The band has released a statement addressing this:


a statement from Black Pussy

Some people think our music is “awesome” but won’t wear our T-shirt in public.

Some people think our music “sucks” but that our amps are “cool.”

Some people “love our band” and come see every single show we play in their city.

The common denominator with all three statements is that everyone has a different opinion about our band. And what’s so great about that is no one is forced into having “this” opinion or “that.”

Miriam-Webster defines “double entendre” as ambiguity of meaning arising from language that lends itself to more than one interpretation. That is the meaning of our band name. That there isn’t a specific meaning. That’s why we love this band name. We love Black Pussy and we are never going to change our name.

People have expressed outrage at the supposed origins and intentions of the name. Our band name was chosen BEFORE our knowledge that the Rolling Stones song Brown Sugar had a working title of Black Pussy. But the ultimate decision to roll with the name was encouraged by what we found out.

Miriam-Webster defines “satire” as the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people’s stupidity or vices. At the time when Mick Jagger wrote Brown Sugar he was in an intense year long secret love affair with Marsha Hunt, a black actress and model. Both have cited her inspiration for the song. But that begs the question; why would a woman whom he is madly in love with inspire such scandalous lyrics about taboo subjects like slavery, interracial sex, cunnilingus, and less directly, sadomasochism, virginity, rape and heroin? Satire often professes to approve of (or at least accept as natural) the very things the writer wishes to attack. When looking at the lyrics through a satirical lens they begin to take on anti-rape and anti-slavery connotations. It’s doubtful that this was done consciously, but a spontaneous and uncensored approach to art is absolutely crucial for the dissemination of creativity, no matter who is offended.

The lamest thing about all the click-bait articles and comment threads is…well, the stupidity. People espouse their opinions about the way these two words make them feel. At best they get information wrong. At worst they’re character assassinations. Communication is a vital tool of our continued free existence, and in no way should anyone censor discussion, least of all us, when people write ignorantly crass posts online. But it cannot be understated that elements of our digital culture are incredibly knee-jerk and weak minded. There are no medals to give the person with the most hurt feelings.

If you’re upset by the band name we think there are far better outlets for your time and energy . Both of those are extremely valuable commodities, time and energy, and we wish to maximize the way in which we spend them. We encourage you to do the same. Complaining about our name and calling for a boycott of us and the venues that book us are all well and fine, but it’s not going to hurt us. Rather, and ironically, all of this attention emboldens the band’s momentum and exposes more people to our music. Mike Patton once said, “Bad press is the best press.”

Throughout all of this our message has been pretty consistent; FUN. Have fun. Make love. Feel good about life. Fight things that take away your personal freedoms. Be positive. Fuck the people who try to put you down.

We love our fans. Let us say that again. We love our fans. Without them we would be singing into the void. We work our asses off year round to bring our music across the country and it is both a challenging and joyful experience. We accept all responsibility for the repercussions that our name brings. Ultimately, the music is what should be scrutinized rather than the clothes we wear or the name we chose. But whatever. Trolls are gonna troll, complainers are going to complain and people who get it are going to keep on getting it. And to those who get it we say…Viva la Pussy!

Black Pussy
Dustin Hill – Ryan McIntire – Dean Carroll – Aaron Poplin – Keith O’Dell


Black Pussy on Bandcamp

BlackPussy on Facebook


Powerwolf is streaming their viral video for “The Road To Blessed & Possessed” series giving yet another insight into the recordings. Their new album Blessed & Possessed, is set to be released on July 17, 2015 via Napalm Records.

The band will be venturing on their Wolfsnächte Tour 2015.

Sep 03: Z 7 – Pratteln (CH)
Sep 04: Halle 101 – Speyer (DE)
Sep 05: Live Music Hall – Cologne (DE)
Sep 09: 02 Academy Islington – London (UK)
Sep 10: Trabendo – Paris (FR)
Sep 11: Rocking Chair – Vevey (CH)
Sep 12: La Laiterie – Strasbourg (FR)
Oct 01: Aladin – Bremen (DE)
Oct 02: Turnbinenhalle – Oberhausen (DE)
Oct 03: Grosse Freiheit – Hamburg (DE)
Oct 22: C-Club – Berlin (DE)
Oct 23: Hellraiser – Leipzig (DE)
Oct 24: Backstage – Munich (DE)
Oct 29: Oberschwabenhalle – Ravensburg (DE)
Oct 30: Music Hall – Geiselwind (DE)
Oct 31: LKA Longhorn – Stuttgart (DE)
Nov 01: Trix – Antwerp (BE)
Nov 07: Garage – Saarbrücken (DE)

Powerwolf on Facebook
Napalm Records on Facebook

kevin devine

The split seven inch of Kevin Devine and Meredith Graves of Perfect Pussy is streaming below, which is now out via Bad Timing Records.

devinyl splits no 2

Devinyl Splits No. 2 Tracklist:

1. Meredith Graves – Took The Ghost To The Movies
2. Kevin Devine – Gießen

Kevin Devine on Facebook
Bad Timing Records on Bandcamp

Photo Credit: Ester Segarra

Photo Credit: Ester Segarra

Shining (SWE) are streaming a Martin Strandberg directed music video for “Vilja & Dröm,” off of their latest album IX – Everyone, Everything, Everywhere, Ends, out now via Season of Mist. Should you be of the faint hearted this video is certainly not for you, as the internet was mined for footage of actual violence, murder and more with the grisly findings interspersed throughout the clip.

SHINING (Sweden) – Vilja & Dröm (Official Music Video) from The True Shining on Vimeo.


With an album cover gracing a very detailed picture of Ganesh from Hinduism lore, whilst sporting the devil horns, you’d be forgiven for thinking that My Sleeping Karma would have produced an album with a cartoonish nature. That this will take newcomers to the band by huge surprise is just a part of the fantastic aura of mystique that these German’s have shrouded themselves in. With a returning album structure that breaks up songs with interludes throughout and their immersive sonic palette and Moksha (Napalm) is further evidence that MSK occupy a territory of their own.

Where previous album Soma (also Napalm) offered a continued, dreamlike state throughout, Moksha evolves this further; still serene for the most part but with more a more overt metallic edge. The shoegaze elements sitting comfortably with the album’s more doom metal like moments, with psychedelic shades giving deeper detail. The title track is the perfect example of this, as it begins with delicate majesty before building tension and heaviness, without detracting from its tranquility. Further listens highlight the Hinduism influences creeping in, from Eastern instrumentation to mysterious chanting and unusual time signatures.

Previous album Soma received rave reviews from the underground and was a master class effort, yet Moksha is a stunning evolutionary step for the band, adding an extra dimension to their sound, which is very stand out yet flows into their formula exceptionally. With such a rich detail in their sound, combined with the atmosphere they create, not only is Moksha a tremendous effort but one that showcases My Sleeping Karma as one of the undergrounds best kept secrets, with a sound and method unique to themselves.



My Sleeping Karma on Facebook



lemuria dads personal best uk euro tour

Lemuria has began their UK and European tour with Personal Best and Whoanows. They are supporting 2013’s The Distance Is So Big and the Turnstile Comix seven inch, out via Bridge Nine Records.

LEMURIA dates w/ Personal Best, Whoanows
May 29: Key Club – Leeds (UK)
May 30: Stuck on Name Studios – Nottingham (UK)
May 31: Epic Studios – Norwich (UK)
Jun 01: Junction – Plymouth (UK)
Jun 02: Clwb Ifor Bach – Cardiff (UK)
Jun 03: Exchange – Bristol (UK)
Jun 04: Joiners – Southampton (UK)
Jun 05: The Dome – London (UK)
Jun 06: Fighting Cocks – Kingston (UK)
Jun 08: Cafe Extase – Tilburg (NL)
Jun 09: Cassiopeia – Berlin (DE)
Jun 10: HafenKlang – Hamburg (DE)
Jun 11: Tsunami – Cologne (DE)
Jun 12: Espace B – Paris (FR)
Jun 13: JH Kavka – Antwerp (BE)

Lemuria on Facebook

ides of gemini summer tour 2015

Ides of Gemini have announced an upcoming West Coast tour with Clay Rendering. They are supporting their current album Old World New Wave, released last September via Neurot Recordings, as well as a special, limited Carthage/Strange Fruit seven-inch via Magic Bullet Records last month in honor of Record Store Day. They will employ the services of drummer Sash Popovic (Black Math Horseman), who will be filling in for Kelly Johnston-Gibson, who was injured on their last tour.

Guitarist J. Bennett stated:

“After the disappointment of having to drop off the Mountain Goats tour last month, we’re looking forward to getting out on the road again. Unfortunately, Kelly’s injury is still healing so she won’t be able to join us for the June shows with Oxbow and Demon Lung or our appearance at Cruficalfest in Salt Lake. The good news is that our friend Sash Popovic, formerly of [singer/bassist] Sera’s [Timms] old band, Black Math Horseman, will be filling in for those. He’s a killer drummer and a great guy, so we’re very thankful that he’s agreed to help us out. If all goes according to plan, Kelly should be back in action for the July run with Clay Rendering.”

Jun 05: Brick & Mortar – San Francisco, CA (w/ Oxbow)
Jun 07: The Echo – Los Angeles, CA (w/ Oxbow)
Jun 19: Crucialfest – Salt Lake City, UT
Jun 20: Dive Bar – Las Vegas, NV (Demon Lung Record Release Show)

w/ Clay Rendering:
Jul 14: Golden Bull – Oakland, CA
Jul 15: Club 66 – Ashland, OR
Jul 16: Wandering Goat – Eugene, OR
Jul 17: Ash St Saloon – Portland, OR (w/ Jex Thoth, Atriarch, Barrowlands (no Clay Rendering)
Jul 18: Media Club – Vancouver, BC
Jul 19: Highline – Seattle, WA
Jul 21: Press Club – Sacramento, CA
Jul 22: Elbo Room – San Francisco, CA
Jul 23: Sweet Springs – Los Osos, CA
Jul 24: Complex – Glendale, CA

Ides of Gemini on Facebook
Ides of Gemini on Bandcamp
Neurot Recordings on Facebook
Magic Bullet Records on Facebook

the dollyrots 2

The Dollyrots has launched their third crowdfunded project for an upcoming live album and DVD tentatively titled It Isn’t Easy Being Awesome: The Dollyrots Live in the USA, out this fall.

There will be plenty of pledger only exclusives and unique items like tour guitars, video chats, surprise goodie boxes, back stage passes, tour experiences and much more. As always, regardless of what you order, all pledgers will receive the digital download of the live album the moment it’s ready for release and before the general public gets their hands on it. Go here for more information and watch the pledge video below.

The band will be supporting Bowling For Soup on tour this summer.

Jun 04: Historic Scoot Inn – Austin, TX
Jun 05: House of Blues – Houston, TX
Jun 06: House of Blues – Dallas, TX
Jun 07: The Korova – San Antonio, TX
Jun 17: Brighton Music Hall – Boston, MA
Jun 18: Irving Plaza – New York, NY
Jun 19: TLA – Philadelphia, PA
Jun 20: Soundstage – Baltimore, MD
Jun 21: House of Blues – Cleveland, OH
Jun 22: Shelter – Detroit, MI
Jun 23: Bottom Lounge – Chicago, IL
Jun 24: Vogue – Indianapolis, IN
Jun 25: Mercury Ballroom – Louisville, KY
Sep 11: Marquis Theatre – Denver, CO
Sep 12: Urban Lounge – Salt Lake City, UT
Sep 13: Neurolux – Boise, ID
Sep 14: Hawthorne Theatre – Portland, OR
Sep 15: Crocodile – Seattle, WA
Sep 16: WOW Hall – Eugene, OR
Sep 17: Boardwalk – Orangevale, CA
Sep 18: Bottom Of The Hill – San Francisco, CA
Sep 19: Roxy – Los Angeles, CA
Sep 20: House of Blues – Anaheim, CA
Oct 24: Women’s Festival w/Lita Ford – Modesto, CA
Oct 30/Nov 1: FEST in Gainesville, FL*

The Dollyrots on Facebook
The Dollyrots on Twitter
The Dollyrots on Instagram

the dollyrots bowling for soup tour dates

the receiver

Midwest symphonic dream prog duo The Receiver is streaming “Transit” from their upcoming album All Burn, out June 23, 2015 via Kscope in North America here.

Watch a teaser trailer for the album below.

All Burn is also the first self-produced Receiver album, with mixing handled by Danny Kalb (Beck, Ben Harper, Foster the People, Karen O) and mastering by Brian Lucey (Sigur Ros, The Shins, The Black Keys, Arctic Monkeys).

the receiver all burn

All Burn Track Listing
01: Drift
02: Transit
03: To Battle an Island
04: Collector
05: Dark Matter
06: April Blades
07: The Summit
08: Let It Dry
09: All Burn
10: How to be Young
11: These Days

The Receiver is…

Casey Cooper – vocals, synths/keyboards, bass
Jesse Cooper – drums, vocals

The Receiver on Twitter
The Receiver on Facebook
The Receiver on Instagram
The Receiver on Soundcloud
The Receiver on Spotify