Zakk Wylde Sends a Message of Support to Ozzy Osbourne After Parkinson’s Disease Announcement

Zakk Wylde has sent a message of support to Ozzy Osbourne over social media after Ozzy went public with his battle with Parkinson’s disease earlier this week on an appearance with his wife Sharon Osbourne on Good Morning America on Tuesday (January 21). Ozzy hat he was diagnosed with the progressive neurological condition. The singer received the diagnosis last February after several health issues, including a near-deadly staph infection and a fall that damaged his nervous system. He’s treating the disease with medication. Wylde who has played guitar in Ozzy’s band on and off for more than 30 years tweeted out: “BIG BL LOVE & THANKS To EVERYBODY Out There Sending The BOSS Your POSITIVE ENERGY & PRAYERS OF STRENGTH!!! OZ – YOU’RE THE GREATEST!!! YOU ARE LOVED MORE THAN YOU WILL EVER KNOW!!! XO tBLSt SDMF @OzzyOsbourne”. Zakk, who often refers to Ozzy and Sharon as his “dad and mom” in interviews, recently toured with Ozzy from 2016 – 2018 but did not perform on his new album Ordinary Man. It is presumed that Zakk is still in Ozzy’s touring band, but no announcement has been made yet.