Windswept (Drudkh) Streams Entire New Album, “The Onlooker”, Out Tomorrow

Enigmatic Ukrainian kvlt black metal band Windswept, founded by Drudkh mastermind Roman Sayenko are streaming their entire new album The Onlooker. The stream is live now at Season of Mist’s YouTube Channel and out tomorrow, February 8th!

Pre-order the The Onlooker now

Windswept The Onlooker track-list

1. I’m Oldness and Oblivion (Intro)

2. Stargazer

3. A Gift to Feel Nostalgia

4. Disgusting Breed of Hagglers

5. Gustav Meyrink’s Prague

6. Insomnia of the Old Men

7. Times of No Dreams & No Poets

8. Bookworm, Loser, Pauper