Watch Weezer Parody Themselves In Their Video For “Africa” Featuring Weird Al

Weezer is having a big year with their awesome cover of Toto’s 1980s classic ‘Africa’, which has become a cultural phenomenon. Now in a stroke of meta-levels of genius, watch the band as they parody their own first video ever, 1994s ‘The Sweater Song’, in the video for ‘Africa’. The clip, which is at times a shot for shot remake of the ‘The Sweater Song’ clip, also features Weird Al, as frontman Rivers Cuomo from that video, rocking his customary accordion.

Weezer also covered Toto’s other huge radio hit, ‘Rosanna’. Toto returned the favor by covering Weezer’s ‘Hash Pipe.’ Earlier this summer, Weezer brought ‘Africa’ to Jimmy Kimmel Live! It featured a keyboard solo from Toto’s Steve Porcaro. Weezer has also released the ‘Africa’ cover as a limited edition 7” vinyl single.