Watch Two Rocking Grannies React to Slayer’s “Raining Blood/Black Magic”

Two Rocking Grannies YouTube Channell features two sweet little old ladies reacting to metal songs and videos. This week they take on Slayer’s classic  “Raining Blood/Black Magic” as hilarity ensures! Check it out! 

What’s up, Granny Squad! Two Rocking Grannies back again with another fun reaction! Today it’s SLAYER!!! We don’t know much about them but know they are up there as one of the best. We hope you like our reaction channel. Hopefully you have as much fun watching us as we did reacting to it. Hope you like this video. Please leave a comment below about what you thought of this video reaction and who you’d like to see us react to. Thanks for all your support! 

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PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE Help a couple of old ladies out…



Leave a comment on what you thought about the video and what artists you’d like to see us react to, thanks!


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