Watch Machine Head Play “Burn My Eyes” for its 28th Anniversary on their Livestream


Machine Head performed all of their classic debut album Burn My Eyes (Roadrunner Records) on their livestream for its 28th Anniversary. The band was joined by drummer Chris Kontos (The Boneless Ones), but Logan Mader was unable to join. In addition to BME, the band also played a tom of covers of Slayer, Metallica, Megadeth, Accept, Sepultura, Cro-Mags, Exodus, and Poison Idea as well.


Come join Robb, Jared and Chris Kontos for this spectacular dual celebration of both our debut album’s 28th birthday and also to mark the final Electric Happy Hour of 2022.


Amongst all of the beer drinking, banter and merriment, the boyz perform a full play through of our debut album and a healthy selection of our favorite cover jams like Slayer’s ‘Black Magic’, Metallica’s ‘Motorbreath”, Sepultura’s ‘Territory’ and a crushing version of Exodus’ ‘A Lesson in Violence’



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0:00:00 Welcome and Beers Up

0:05:28 Davidian

0:11:37 Old

0:18:36 A Thousand Lies

0:25:25 None But My Own

0:32:53 The Rage to Overcome

0:38:28 Death Church

0:53:22 Negative Creep – Nirvana

0:56:16 My Misery

1:01:41 A Nation on Fire

1:08:15 Blood for Blood

1:13:27 I’m Your God Now

1:20:29 Black Magic – Slayer

1:24:00 Territory – Sepultura

1:26:52 Fast as a Shark – Accept

1:29:06 Motorbreath – Metallica

1:31:38 Hard Times – Cro-Mags

1:33:25 Alan’s on Fire – Poison Idea

1:39:31 The Mechanix – Megadeth [Excerpt]

1:46:50 A Lesson in Violence – Exodus

1:50:50 Fuck It All