Watch Machine Head Perform a Live Playthrough of “The More Things Change” Album for Its 26th Anniversary

In between headline tours and future festival dates in 2023, Machine Head has brought back their “Electric Happy Hour” weekly livestream shows. They performed all of their influential album The More Things Change (Roadrunner) for its 20th anniversary, a snippet of a Metallica cover, and a few more hits and recent tracks as well. The band also released some anniversary merch via their company Ten Ton Trading. Watch the video below and check out the retrospective on the album we did a while back.



CLASSIC ALBUMS REVISITED: Machine Head’s The More Things Change… Album Turns 20


0:00:00 Welcome and Beers Up

0:03:27 Ten Ton Hammer

0:08:13 Take My Scars

0:13:10 Struck a Nerve

0:17:20 Down to None

0:26:21 Frontlines

0:32:27 Spine

0:43:45 Bay of Pigs

0:47:39 Violate

0:55:27 Blistering

1:00:26 Blood of the Zodiac

1:07:09 Blood for Blood

1:16:26 Behind a Mask [Acoustic]

1:22:45 Circle the Drain [Acoustic]

1:28:35 Motorbreath – Metallica [Excerpt]

1:30:21 Army of the Sun – Roadrunner United

1:34:20 RØTTEN

1:38:17 In Comes the Flood

1:52:30 Darkness Within [Acoustic]