Watch Highlights From The Dillinger Escape Plan’s Second Farewell Show

The Dillinger Escape Plan performed the second of their three farewell shows yesterday in New York City, and just like on Wednesday night, they had several surprises in store for the sold out audience at Terminal 5. Thursday’s set included the final performances of some of their classics, like “Prancer”, plus saw the band rejoined by their original singer Dimitri Minakakis for some of their earlier works, including the entire Under the Running Board EP. Check out footage of last night’s insanity below!

Here’s the entire set!

Set list: “Prancer”, “Milk Lizard”, “Jim Fear”, “Setting Fire To Sleeping Giants”, “Room Full Of Eyes”, “Sugar Coated Sour”, “Weekend Sex Change”, “The Running Board”, “Symptom Of Terminal Illness”, “Black Bubblegum”, “One Of Us Is The Killer”, “Crossburner”, “Good Neighbor”, “Calculating Infinity”, “The Mullet Burden” (with Dimitri Minakakis), “Sandbox Magician” (with Dimitri Minakakis), “Abe The Cop” (with Dimitri Minakakis), “Limerent Death”, “43% Burnt” (with Dimitri Minakakis)

The band’s final show will be taking place tonight. Check back tomorrow for videos!