Watch Fan-Filmed Video of The Original Misfits Performing in Philadelphia

The Original Misfits (Danzig, Jerry Only, Doyle, Dave Lombardo, Acey Slade) played last night in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania’s Wells Fargo Arena for what might be the final time, following the show earlier this fall at Madison Square Garden in New York, that Glenn Danzig had said would be the very last. Direct support came in the form of Dropkick Murphys and Agnostic Front. In spite of the bands; notorious cell phone policy, watch fan-filmed video from the show and check out the setlist.


Set list:

Death Comes Ripping

I Turned Into a Martian

20 Eyes


Where Eagles Dare


Mommy, Can I Go Out and Kill Tonight?

Hybrid Moments

London Dungeon

Teenagers From Mars

Children in Heat

Earth A.D.

Green Hell

Some Kinda Hate

Hollywood Babylon

Horror Business

Who Killed Marilyn

Violent World


Die, Die My Darling

Astro Zombies

Last Caress



Night of the Living Dead

All Hell Breaks Loose

We Are 138