Watch Dee Snider Sing “Love Hurts Uninvited” from “Rock Me Amadeus” – The Musical

Heavy Metal legend Dee Snider is the star of the upcoming musical production “Rock Me Amadeus” – owing as much to his roots in Rock and Metal and in musical theater as well. Conceived by world-renowned opera singer Alyson Cambridge and guitar virtuoso Tony Bruno, Rock Me Amadeus is a new show blending Rock, Classical, and Broadway. After first announcing the upcoming show last fall, they are releasing their newest music video, “Love Hurts Uninvited,” as part of a series of videos to build anticipation for the show. Arranged by Tony Bruno, the song is an original mashup that combines 80s rock of Nazareth’s “Love Hurts,” 90s angst of Alanis Morissette’s “Uninvited,” and the classical strings of Tchaikovsky’s iconic theme to “Romeo and Juliet.” Rock vocalists Dee Snider, Kia Warren and Chloe Lowery co-star in the video. Watch the clip now!

The three co-stars portray individuals who are dealing with the complexities of love: loss of it, memories of it, and the hurt and joy that come from it. Each character clings to a token of that love lost – a scarf, a locket or a letter – each a reminder of happier times.


Directed by Matthew Stiller, the video was shot by Tyler Ribble and Pierre Tsigaridis, and edited by Simon K. Wheeldon in a neo noir film style, in black and white with evocative pops of color, representing the show’s classic-meets-modern ambiance. Filmed from both sides of the US, the video shows Snider from a downtown LA hotel room, while Warren and Lowery are seen on the abandoned streets of NYC and inside Flux Studios.


RMA Co-producer Tony Bruno says about their new video, “As in Romeo and Juliet, there’s always more to love than the attraction. It’s complicated, frustrating and painful at times. Some endure and some don’t. This mashup was born out of that feeling which we have all experienced at one time or another.”


More video teasers and exclusive behind-the-scenes footage will be released via the show’s Website, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube every month through the summer to give fans a preview of the exciting experience to come. With the videos, Cambridge and Bruno aim to evoke the excitement of their live show as they move closer to announcing the show’s opening dates.