Wardruna Shares New Single and Video – “Grá”

Wardruna has shared its first new music and video from its new album! ‘ Grá’ comes from Kvitravn due out June 5th via By Norse Music. The video features Einar Selvik and Tihu, the wolf!  The band had previously announced a new headline tour of North America, and you can win tickets to any show from Ghost Cult! Watch the clip and pre-order the album below!

Production: Koski Syväri – Director: Tuukka Koski – DOP: Johan Wasicki

Special thanks to Tihu the wolf and her caretakers.

New Wardruna album ‘Kvitravn’ out June 5th, 2020! Pre-order at http://www.wardruna.com


Original lyrics and English translation:


Gamle Grå…

Eg hugsar ringen før den brotna

Songen din rørar djupt i meg

Som taumar rakt frå minna dreg

Eg finn ikkje ord, dei er for meg gøymd

Men det er noko gamalt, det er noko gløymd

Eg hugsar når du jaga fritt

Eg hugsar når me jaga saman

Eg hugsar oss, før vegen skildes

Eg hugsar ringen før den brotna

Alltid var på meg, og eg på deg

Alltid var på deg, og du på meg

Berre spring til mine skogar

Berre jag i mine fjell

Før din flokk til mine dalar

Lat oss laga ringen heil

Eg skal syngje deg vegen heil

Eg skal syngje heimat heil

English translation:


Old Grey…

I recall the ring before it broke…

Your song stirs something deep within

Like chords pulling straight from memory

I can’t find the words, they still remain veiled

Yet I know it is old, I know that it’s forgotten

I remember when you roamed freely

I remember when we roamed together

I remember us before our paths got separated

I remember the ring before it broke

Always wary about you, and you about me

Always wary about me, and I about you

You may run to my forests

Roam freely in my mountains

Lead your pack to my valleys

Let us restore the ring

I shall sing you safe on your way

I shall sing you safely home