Video: Wovenwar Releases Lines In The Sand From Honor Is Dead


Wovenwar will be releasing their highly anticipated new record, Honor Is Dead, on Friday, October 21st via Metal Blade Records, and they’ve just unveiled the new ‘Lines In The Sand’ video. Nick Hipa told Billboard this about the track: “We normally try not to be too political or current-event of a band. Not because we’re not interested in it, but it’s so easy with music to have your stance misinterpreted. Previously we avoided that, but this song I think is applicable to what’s going on in the world. Respect for one another and common sense and reason fair outweighs an allegiance to a flag that you’re born under. I think that’s how we view everything — politics, religion — down to basic principles of respecting human life, and trying to understand one another and living peacefully.

Enjoy ‘Lines In The Sand’ below, and pre-order Honor Is Dead today!