Video: Whores. Releases I See You Are Also Wearing a Black T-Shirt From Gold


Whores. will be releasing Gold on October 28th via Entertainment One (eOne), and they just premiered the first video from the upcoming record. The Noise Rockers from Atlanta have already released the amazing ‘Mental Illness As A Mating Ritual‘, ‘Playing Poor’ and ‘Baby Teeth’ singles, and thanks to, you can watch their new video for ‘I See You Are Also Wearing a Black T-Shirt’ below!

Here’s what Christian Lembach said on the track: ““Black T-Shirt” started out talking about this neighborhood in Atlanta where the bars and the venues are, and where a lot of people hanging out are sort of wearing a uniform — you know, the battle vests, etc. But you find out [that] behind the scenes, they are not really down with underground punk ethics. It’s just a uniform for them. That’s how that song started out, but when I really started digging into the writing, I grafted that idea onto suburbia and the people who are living this sort of two-dimensional life. We are all going to die, this all will end, and if you don’t think that counts, that’s on you. I thought, “What am I really trying to say here?” Because I can’t stand bands that just say things that sound cool, but don’t really mean anything. That just drives me insane, because I can hear it on them. I really don’t want to do that ever. So, I make a point of really digging into it, and it can be sort of upsetting because this stuff is not nice subject matter, but it’s necessary for our music to work. We are not the type of band that will dazzle with our ability; it’s all about the intensity and emotional impact — without that, it ceases being interesting, I think.

Enjoy the killer new video from the Southern rockers right now, and do your life a favor by pre-ordering Gold today! It’s a MUST OWN for 2016!