Ulver Drops Surprise EP, Kicks Off Headline Tour Tonight

Metal legends Ulver have dropped a surprise EP on their unsuspecting fans, on the eve of their headline tour of Europe, kicking off tonight in the UK. Dubbed Sic Transit Gloria Mundi, the EP release arrives from the House Of Mythology label and follows Ulver’s acclaimed full-length album from earlier in 2017, The Assassination of Julius Caesar.

The EP has two new songs and a cover. The band has also released two new music videos for the track ‘Echo Chamber (Room of Tears)’ and ‘Bring Out Your Dead’, which you can see here:


The cover of the EP shows Francis Bacon’sStudy After Velásquez’s Portrait of Pope Innocent X (1953), used with kind permission of Des Moines Art Center. Design by Paschalis Zervas, +wolframgrafik.


Sic Transit Gloria Mundi EP track listing:

Echo Chamber (Room of Tears)

Bring Out Your Dead

The Power of Love

Sic Transit Gloria Mundi EP is available via the band through Ulver’s own Bandcamp and will soon be available on Spotify, iTunes, and other DSPs etc. Physical copies will be made available through House Of Mythology soon.