Video: The Agonist Releases The Man Who Fell To Earth Tribute To David Bowie


The Agonist released Five earlier this year via Napalm Records, and they’ve just unveiled a brand new video for our viewing pleasure. The new clip is for ‘The Man Who Fell To Earth,’ which is their tribute to the late David Bowie, and it’s one powerful song.

Here’s what Danny Marino said on the track: “When the news broke this year of David Bowie’s death it hit me pretty hard. Especially because of how his last album Blackstar turned into more than just a new record but a swan song of an artist still breaking boundaries even today. I had an instrumental that I knew was outside the box for THE AGONIST and felt I could make this a Bowie dedication. I used a lyric writing method called “cut-ups” that I had heard Bowie himself used. It is when you find books or magazines surrounding the topic you are writing about and cut out individual words, and rearrange them until it starts to form a story. I used album reviews of his last album that were written before it was known he was dying. In the end the result comes out as a eulogy to be read at his funeral. I’m really happy with the dark vibe we achieved in studio with this one.

Enjoy ‘The Man Who Fell To Earth’ video below!

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