VIDEO PREMIERE: Spirit In The Room Shares Discharge Cover- “Maimed And Slaughtered


Los Angeles rockers Spirit In The Room share their dangerous side with their blistering cover of Discharge’s hardcore punk classic ‘Maimed And Slaughtered’. Turn your system up to 11 and jam this out loud now!



Frontman Dennis Sanders commented:

“I picked this song to cover because its simple and it cuts straight through to the marrow of the bone.

Also it’s probably my favorite Discharge song and it could very well be the best riff of all time.

If it doesn’t make you want to stomp a mud-hole in someone’s ass, then I don’t know what to tell ya.“


The song is also available as a free download on Soundcloud:


Spirit in The Room has been prolific, putting out tons of new music the last few years. They are currently working on a new full-length for 2019 and just recently started being managed by Dez Fafara (Devildriver) via The Oracle Management.

The band’s annual concert, Doritofest, is coming up on June 27th at The Satellite in Los Angeles.. Get information about the gig here:




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