Metallica Classic ‘One’ Used In The Trailer For The Punisher On Netflix

Ramping up to the highly anticipated release of the Netflix series The Punisher, a full trailer has been released and it features an edited version of Metallica’s thrash classic ‘One’! Watch the amazing trailer below!

The trailer perfectly intercuts a tease of the backstory of Frank Castle, who becomes the vigilante The Punisher after his family is killed, with the classic melody, drum motifs, and one of Metallica’s signature riffs. This isn’t the first time that the Marvel Comics Netflix series’ have used music that is culturally significant, such as Nirvana’s hitCome As You Are’ for The Defenders, and a liberal dose of 90s Hip-Hop and modern RnB used in Luke Cage.



The Punisher doesn’t have an official release date yet but is rumored to drop this November 2017, on or around the Veteran’s Day Holiday.